Best Ship Build For Boarding In Starfield

Want to board and Hijack enemy Ships but don't know which Ship build is best for that in Starfield?

Look no further if you are looking for the best Ship Build for Boarding and Hijacking enemy spaceships in Starfield. You will first need to target the shields on the enemy ships. Once these are disabled, you can quickly board them.

Moreover, when you want the Best ship build for boarding in Starfield, you must also load your ship with heavy EM weapons. This way, the Electromagnetic Weapons will do most of the hard work for you and disable the enemy ships on impact.

You can also spend your time leveling up specific skills, such as the Targeting Control System skill in Starfield. Investing in this particular skill will better target specific portions of enemy ships during your fights.

Which Ship to pick for Boarding

To Board enemy ships, you will require the best ship build in Starfield. You can go with the option of choosing the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield. If you join a specific faction, you can get this ship early in the game. That will happen to be the Freestar Rangers, and you must complete some missions once you join them.

These include missions such as:

There is no specific order requirement as to how you complete these quests. However, it would be best if you complete all of these. After that, you will finally acquire the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield.


Furthermore, you will require a solid spaceship with two specific aspects because you cannot make your ship at the beginning of the game. These include that it should come with pre-built Electromagnetic Weapons and be quick to maneuver.

Lucky for you, the Star Eagle comes with both aspects and has the best suppressors. All of these make the Star Eagle an ideal choice as the best ship for Boarding.

Starfield Best Ship build for Boarding

Here, I will discuss what upgrades you can apply to your best ship build for boarding, the Star Eagle ship. Remember that you can explore other options, but you will have to spend a lot of credits on those ships.

Whereas in the case of the Star Eagle ship, it can be acquired early and comes equipped with suppressors and missiles. These factors can contribute towards disabling the enemy ships, making them an easy target for you to board in Starfield.

Star Eagle Build

After obtaining the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield, you can apply the following upgrades to make it faster and better. These will include the following parts along with their respective prices:

Ship Parts (Upgrade)Price
Viking CP-220 Cockpit12000
Nova Cowling 2L-TF1000
Stroud Engine Bracer A500
Stroud All-in-One Berth 2×11350
10S Protector Shield Generator2250
Nova Radiator500
Stroud Control Station 2×11350
Stroud Bri 2×21550
Stoud Engine Bracer A (x2)1000
Stroud Science Lab 2×11350

By making these upgrades, you can decrease the mass and increase your jump range. Moreover, you can easily target the enemy ships, disable their shields, and board them with this specific spaceship in Starfield.

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