Where To Sell Items In Starfield

Knowing how to sell items in Starfield will save your life when you're overburdened and need to sell loot, or need a quick buck. The process is fairly simple.

Starfield is the latest Action Role-playing game by Bethesda. In this game, you play as a Space Adventurer in a futuristic timeline. You have your ship and can travel around the vastness of the galaxy. Like in most games, Starfield also has the option to buy and sell your items and misc. You can sell these items for credits. 

There could be multiple reasons to sell your items in the game. Maybe you need to clear your inventory of junk or lower-level items that you do not need. Or, maybe you have spotted a cool item in the shop and need the money to buy it. Another reason could be that you need money to upgrade your ship. 

How to Sell Items in Starfield

You can sell items in Starfield using two ways. You can either locate a Vending Machine or find a Trader. Locating a vending machine is easier. As soon as you finish your tutorial and reach the New Atlantis city, you will find a Greenish Machine as soon as you exit your ship. Just interact with it and you can sell your items and junk there. 

The other way to sell your items is to locate a Trader or Merchant. In Starfield, different merchants sell different Items. They will be available in different worlds, usually located inside the main city center. In the New Atlantis, the Merchants or Traders are situated in a place known as The Well.  

As you head inside, you will find a variety of different Merchants that Buy/Sell various items. These are all the merchant shops that are located inside the Well. 

Medical Bay 

Dr.O’Shea will sell/buy all the medical-related consumables and items. 


Kay’s House 

You can buy/sell Food and Drinks in Kay’s House  

Apex Electronics  

To buy/sell components in Starfield, head to Apex Electronics inside The Well in New Atlantis 

Trade Authority  

This is like the jack-of-all-trades shop. Speak to Kaminski located inside, from there, you can sell your items to her. 

U.C. Surplus 

If you are looking to buy/sell guns and gear, you can go to the U.C. Surplus shop. There, interact with Bianchi, and you can sell your items to him.  

How to Get More Credits For Your Sold Items 

In Starfield, when you sell your items, you get Credits in exchange. Credits are the in-game currency of this game. You usually get a fair price for selling your items. However, there is a perk that allows you to get more credits in exchange for the items sold  

Commerce Perk 

The Commerce Perk is a Tier 1 Perk that allows you to buy items at a discount and sell them at a higher price. It required one perk point to purchase since it is a tier-1 perk. Invest the perk point in the commerce perk, and then you will be able to buy and sell items at a better price. 

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