How To Follow Distortions On Your Scanner In Starfield

Following the distortions on the scanner in Starfield becomes a norm as you progress, but how are you supposed to do it?

As players progress through the relatively straightforward early missions of Starfield, they will eventually find themselves in the middle of a breakthrough for the ages. The artifacts you are collecting seem to be tied to some sort of anomaly. You will occasionally get these missions in Starfield where you have reach the surface of a planet and then follow the distortions on your scanner to find the source.

So how are you supposed to follow these distortions in Starfield and where they lead? That is what we are here to help you out with.

Following the distortions on scanner in Starfield

The first mission where you will have to follow the distortions to find the anomaly will be Into the Unknown. This mission take place on planet Procyon III in the Procyon A system. These anomalies are typically happening on the same planets where artifacts are located.

Once you land on Procyon III, you will no longer have a precise quest objective marker. Instead, you will have to rely on your Scanner for clues to point you in the right direction.

Normally you’ll have a perfect circle for your scanner HUD. However, due to the nature of the quest here, distortions to this HUD will be what you want to look out for.

Starfield follow the distortions on the scanner

As you look around, you will eventually see some strange distortions to your scanning reticle. Note the general direction that causes distortions in your scanner and keep walking in that direction to close in on your destination. As you inch closer and closer, the distortions will grow stronger as well. Your hand scanner HUD will constantly glitch out and flicker like in the image above.


Eventually, following these distortions in Starfield will lead you to Temple Eta, the source of the anomaly and where you can unlock your first Starborn power.

Starfield follow the distortions on the scanner

At this point, you will be given a quest marker to pinpoint exactly where you need to go. Simply follow the marker and after less than a minute of running, you will find yourself in front of the dilapidated ruins of Temple Eta, a marvel of a bygone age.

Keep in mind that this loop will need to be followed for every temple in the game. So whenever you are on a planet where your scanner starts getting distorted, it means there is an artifact temple on that planet and you should find it.

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