How To Get Revenant Rifle In Starfield

Get the Revenant Rifle and deal significant damage to your enemies.

The Revenant Rifle in Starfield is considerably the best legendary weapon you can find during your playthrough. This is a guaranteed weapon if you have joined the Crimson Fleet faction.

All you need to do is complete missions related to the Crimson Fleet Questline. This will guarantee the Revenant Rifle during one of the missions while exploring the Bannoc System.

Once you find the Revenant Rifle and use it during your missions, you will notice a significant difference in dealing damage. I have explained all the details of acquiring this legendary weapon below.

Starfield Revenant Rifle location

To acquire the legendary weapon, you must complete a questline revolving around a particular faction. You will have to undergo all the missions until you reach a specific mission called the Eye of Storm.

However, if you have joined another faction at the beginning of the game and are looking to get the Legendary Revenant Rifle, then you can follow these steps:

  1. You will need to commit a felony or have a bounty on you. Then, you must allow yourself to be captured and taken to prison at the Sol System, e.g., Phobos (Moon of Mars), etc.
  2. At the prison, the SysDef Guard will comment on trusting the criminal. After a while, Commander Ikande will make a proposition and ask you to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet as a double agent in Starfield.
  3. You can accept that and then join the Crimson Fleet and undergo various missions for them, such as Deep Cover, Rook Meets Kings, Breaking the Bank, etc.
  4. During the mission Eye of Storm, you must retrieve some possessions belonging to an NPC character, Jasper Kryx. To get them, you must board a specific ship, which can be found at the Bannoc System. It will be called “Legacy,” once you board it, you can head to the control room to discover a corpse.
  5. Sarah will identify this body as being Jasper Kryx in Starfield. If you look towards the left side, you will observe the Revenant Rifle in Starfield on the table next to the control systems.

Once this weapon is in your possession, you can complete the mission and leave the ship. This way, you will finally have collected the Revenant Legendary Rifle. If you don’t want to go the hard way, use the Revenant ID, 0008AF62, to get this rifle using the console command.

Revenant Rifle Stats, Mods, and Perks

The Revenant is a unique Starfield weapon offering decent stats, perks, and weapon mods. The Remnant Rifle is considered a legendary weapon, meaning it will allow 3 modifiers. This way, you can use this powerful weapon to inflict a crazy amount of damage on your enemies.

Weapon Stats

Revenant RifleStats
Ammo.50 MI Array
Weapon ID8AF62
Value66855 Credits
Mod SlotsFive
Base (Damage)Phys 13
Fire Rate390
Accuracy67.5 %

Revenant Rifle Weapon Mods

Once you get your hands on this fantastic Rifle, you can view its stats and equip certain weapon mods. You will have five mod slots, and you can use any of the following options:

  • Muzzle Brake
  • High Velocity
  • Short Barrel
  • Long Barrel
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Hair Trigger
  • Magnetic Rails
  • Compensator
  • Depleted Uranium Rounds
  • High Powered

Revenant Rifle Perks

Apart from these Weapon Stats, the Legendary Revenant Rifle has special abilities (Perks) in Starfield. This particular weapon has three different Perks, which include the following options:

  • Extended Magazine: It increases the magazine capacity by doubling the amount for your Revenant Rifle.
  • Lacerate: Once you equip this perk on your legendary weapon, you can inflict a bleed effect on the targeted enemy with the Revenant weapon.
  • Titanium Build: This perk can decrease the weight of your Legendary Revenant Rifle. You can then equip your weapon with premium build materials, making it more effective and easier to carry during fights.
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