How To Remove Wanted Trait In Starfield

The wanted trait in Starfield can be a hassle sometimes while other times it can offer great roleplaying opportunities. If you want to learn how to remove it, you will have several options.

In Starfield, your choices drive the game forward. They can be narrative choices, and in some cases, even your choices in character creation can have effects. For example, if you select the Wanted Trait in character creation, you will be hunted down. It is a hassle, and you may wonder how to remove the Wanted Trait in Starfield.

You can get a Wanted Bounty if you are caught pickpocketing, hacking, attacking an NPC, or committing any other felony. The game does not impose this trait on you if you attack the Crimson Fleet. If you decide to join them, however, the trait will be applied.

There are many ways of removing the Wanted Trait in Starfield.

Removing Wanted Trait in Starfield

The Wanted Trait can be removed in three ways; serving jail time, paying the bounty or offering a bribe to an officer.  

Serving Jail Time 

You can offer an officer to take you to jail. The time you serve will depend solely on the severity of the crime. Being in jail will mean losing any stolen goods you have. Your XP will also drop.  

You can choose to fight the guards to get out, but they will eventually overpower you. You also have the option to escape jail if you do not like the prison. But escaping will reactivate your bounty. 


Paying the Bounty

You can do this at the Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk. These will be available in every major settlement. Interact with them and pay the bounty amount on your head to remove the Wanted trait in Starfield.

The price will depend on the severity of the crime you have committed. This option can cost you anywhere from 600 Credits all the way up to 100,000 Credits. 

There is a condition that you cannot use the kiosk present in the region of the Faction, which is currently hunting you. You can only use kiosks in territories of factions other than the one who has placed a bounty on you.

Bribing an Officer

You can also offer a bribe to an officer to clear out your name. This task will require negotiation skills. Your Charisma Skill also can persuade an officer to accept your offer. You can get free of all the charges for as low as 3000 Credits if the bounty is higher than your credit score. 

If the bribe fails, you will be instantly arrested, and your bounty will be increased even further. But if it is accepted, you will be teleported to jail and allowed to leave. 

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