How To Recruit Sam in Starfield

Starfield allows you the former outlaw and the best dad galaxy has to offer, Sam Coe, by completing his companion quest.

Sam Coe is a former mercenary and a part of the Freestar Collective faction in the game. A father who loves his daughter Cora more than anything in the whole galaxy, Sam Coe is now a part of Constellation, and you can recruit him as a permanent companion in Starfield. Sam can also be romanced once you complete his companion quests and max his approval rating in the game. 

In this guide, we will talk about how you can easily have Sam Coe and his daughter Cora join you in Starfield. This involves completing his quest “The Empty Nest” in the game. We will also discuss the benefits Sam brings to the table via his skills once he becomes your permanent companion.

How to recruit Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe belongs to one of the most prominent families of the whole galaxy. You will come across his companion quest “The Empty Nest” during the early sections of the game. We recommend doing his quest before Barrett’s so you can use him against Space Pirates effectively.

Once you talk to Sam about an Artifact’s map and its location inside Constellation, he will go back to your ship. This also starts “The Empty Nest” main quest which allows you to recruit Sam in Starfield. Go back to your ship and now travel to Akila city which is on planet Akila of the Cheyenne star system. You can improve your gravity drive to make this impossible jump. 

Talk to Sam Coe once again and now he will join your party. Now head to the bank inside Akila city to clear it from robbers. You can either go gun-blazing Western style or use persuasion check on robbers to make them give up. I personally recommend a little bit of Western drama. 

Once the bank is clear, follow the marker to find Sam’s vault. Read the letter and confront Sam about his father Jacob who seems to have taken the map. To recruit Sam in Starfield, the next thing you need to do is find Jacob. Once you find him, you can either use stealth, persuasion, or direct force to obtain the map to the artifact from Jacob. For stealth, you will need to lock pick at least one door. The map tells of an artifact inside The Empty Nest area. 


Travel to the location marked on the map. Once you reach The Empty Nest location; you will notice some guerrilla members who belong to the Shaw Gang. Once you dispatch these foes, you can find and obtain the artifact from the marked position. Leaving The Empty Nest is not as easy as getting in. We recommend that you either persuade Shaw or give her 4000 credits to let you go.

Once you handle the problems, return to your ship and travel back to New Atlantis. Drop the artifact in the library and talk to Sam Coe once to finally recruit him as a permanent companion in Starfield.

Stats and skills

Once you successfully recruit Sam, you gain access to the following skills

  • Rank 4 of Piloting 
  • Rank 3 of Rifle Certification 
  • Rank 2 of Payloads 
  • Rank 1 of Geology 

We recommend that you post Sam Coe on your ship to increase its cargo capacity and gain the ability to fly C-class ships. You can also bring him along as an active companion during fights due to his proficiency with rifles. We don’t recommend using him on Outposts at all. 

Once you recruit Sam as a companion, you can romance him and even ask for his hand in marriage.

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