How To Recruit Amelia Earhart In Starfield

Recruit Amelia Earhart and take advantage of her skills.

After completing certain missions in Starfield, you can recruit many useful characters, such as Amelia Earhart. The mission during which you will interact with Amelia is Operation Starseed, but she won’t join your crew at that point.

You must complete this specific mission and then meet with her again to recruit her to your crew. Remember that during Operation Starseed’s mission, you must make some choices at the end. These choices can solidify your recruitment of Amelia Earhart or kill her.

Her piloting skills are not as good as Sam Coe’s, but adding Amelia offers your Spaceship a speed bonus. I will address all the important information relating to how you can recruit Amelia Earhart and earn a lot of credits by making the right choice.

Starfield Amelia Earhart’s location

To find Amelia Earhart, you must go to the Charybdis System. This is a Level 65 Star System, so that you might run into some tough enemies here. Once you get to this system, select the planet, Charybdis III, and set the marker on the Crucible.

You get a distress signal there, and once you land at this location, you can speak with the robot Tobias. He will ask you to make an emergency request to get a bunch of copper. After this, Ada will come running from behind him in Starfield. She will introduce you to this area, which is full of clones.

Ada will then ask you to speak with Franklin, a cloned reincarnation of President Roosevelt in Starfield. During your conversation, you will learn that nearly all the people at this location are reincarnations of famous people and cannot leave this location called the Crucible.

After your conversation with the President, you can go outside the Lodge and find Amelia Earhart in Starfield. This will be the first time you will meet her in Starfield.

You can talk to Amelia for a bit, but you won’t be able to recruit her. To do that, you will need to undergo the events of the mission called Operation Starseed in Starfield. You will need to meet with the other two major figures who are also famous personality clones, namely Genghis Khan and Amanirenas.

Recruiting Amelia Earhart to your crew in Starfield 

Following the Operation Starseed mission events, you must make an important choice. You can decide for yourself which clone you prefer to follow. After that, you will get to choose how you want to handle the cloning facility, and you will be given some options when you access the Facility Datacore in Starfield. 

Once you access the Initiate Emergency Reboot option, you will have the following three choices:

  • Reboot and restore current Mission parameters
  • Reboot and choose a new Super-Admin
  • Initiate Full Project Cleanse

If you choose the first option, you will get 3000 Credits, nothing in the Crucible changes, and you will still have the opportunity to recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield.

The second option should be your preferred option because you will assign the faction (clone) person you chose earlier to be the head of the Crucible. This will be rewarding because you will receive 6000 Credits, and then you can easily recruit Amelia Earhart from this facility.

However, if you select the third option, you will get 2000 credits, but all the clones, including Amelia Earhart, will be killed, rendering you unable to recruit her.

After deciding, you can return to the Crucible and speak with Amelia. She will be at the same place outside the Lodge where you found her earlier in Starfield. She will ask you to take her in your crew during your conversation.

You can select the dialogue option “Absolutely. Welcome aboard!”. This way, Amelia will be added to your crew in Starfield.

Amelia Earhart Skills

You can check Amelia’s Skills in the crew section, where you can assign her to your crew or any outpost locations.

I would suggest that you assign her to your crew as she has some useful skills that can be useful. These will include the following:

  • Piloting (2 stars)
  • Rifle Certification (2 stars)

By adding Amelia Earhart to your crew, you can benefit from that piloting bonus with this NPC character. This way, you can increase your Spacecraft’s top speed by 20 percent. Lastly, many characters can be romanced in Starfield, but unfortunately, Amelia Earhart is not one of those characters.

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