Can You Change Pronouns In Starfield?

You select your pronouns in Starfield based on the body you pick in character creation. But you can also change them later on if you want as well.

Starfield offers a wide array of customization to match your liking. Now, you can not only customize your character, but you can also choose what to be called. You can even choose your preferred pronouns in Starfield.

Many people have wondered if you can change them later down the line. Maybe you regret your choice, or maybe you just changed your mind later on. Starfield allows you an opportunity to change your pronouns down the line. The process is rather simple.

How to Change Pronouns in Starfield

The availability of pronouns in Starfield is He\Him, She\Her, and They\Them. The game will assign you a pronoun based on the body type you have selected for your character. You can later change it in-game by meeting a merchant and paying them 500 credits.  

Go to the Enhance! Store in the New Atlanta Commercial District on the Jemison Planet in the Alpha Centauri System. Go inside and talk to Warner Correl, who is the manager of the store. Choose the option of letting you use their services. 

This salon will let you into the character customization menu once again, but you will not be able to change traits, backgrounds etc. Only the appearance can be changed. Once you select the option, the Enhance! Genetic Salon screen will appear. 

If you are a console user, then; 

  • Press Y to cycle through the pronouns. 
  • Press X to confirm your selection. 

For PC users; 

  • Press B to cycle through the pronouns. 
  • Press R to confirm your selection. 

How to Change name in Starfield: 

Suppose you also want to change your name in the game. Just as before, you will need to go to the Enhance! Clinic and talk to the manager and acquire their services by paying 500 in-game Creds. You can change your name exactly the same way you have changed your pronouns.

This time, instead of pressing Y on the console or B on the PC, press the A button on your console or the equivalent on the PC to enter the name change. Type in a new name and confirm your selection to make it official. 

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