How To Find Planet Traits In Starfield

You need to find Planet Traits in Starfield to complete the Survey Data progress.

There are many planets in Starfield galaxy that you can visit to find the Planet Traits. Depending on the planets, you can find a couple of Traits on a single planet. These will help you complete “Survey Data.”

You can find 20 Planet traits in Starfield, such as “Gravitational Anomalies” and “Coral Pounds.” To increase your odds of finding these traits, you can use “Astrophysics Skill.” This will help you find the traits on the initial scan without going on a planet expedition.

Getting this skill will help you save a lot of time finding Planet Traits, as you can skip the planet that does not have many traits in the first place.

How to identify Planet traits in Starfield

Finding a planet trait is an easy task that can be done by following the simple steps:

The first thing that you need to do is fly to a planet for which you want to find the traits. After flying close to its orbit, you need to run an initial check to give you a basic knowledge of what this planet holds. You must press “LB” or “F” on your console.

Once you have found some Planet traits on the initial scan, you must land on it. After that, travel to a remote place away from the cities. Take out your scanner and move to the places that indicate “Strange” or “Unknown” on the right side of the Starfield screen.


Upon getting to that place, you must move your scanner to further analyze the anomaly by pressing the “A” key.

Doing so will allow you to find the planet’s traits. But it would be best to head to places with more natural habitats to find more. Upon getting there, repeat the above step to get more Planet traits in Starfield.

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