Starfield Pirate Activity Walkthrough

To stop the Crimson Fleet from conducting any more Pirate Activity, you need to eliminate them from a Relay Station in Starfield.

Pirate Activity is an enjoyable action-filled side mission in Starfield that requires you to battle a band of the Crimson Fleet who pose threats to the Mining Outpost nearby.

You’ll have to head to the Deserted Relay Station and eliminate all Crimson Fleet pirates in a fierce battle to be able to enjoy the rewards of this mission.

We have compiled a walkthrough of Pirates Activity in Starfield that will take you through the entire procedure in a stepwise manner.

How to unlock the Pirate Activity mission

Make your way to the Mining Outpost on Planet Ixyll IV, located in the Ixyll star system. You will come across the Minerology Inc. Miner here who will tell you how the Crimson Fleet has taken over a nearby Deserted Relay Station.  

The Miner feels their mining outpost is under threat and will request your help. Agreeing to do so will unlock the Pirate Activity mission in Starfield.

How to complete Pirate Activity in Starfield

Your main objective here is to defeat the Crimson Fleet Pirates and free the Deserted Relay Station in Starfield.


After that, you’ll head back to the Minerology Inc. Miner, inform him about your triumph, and receive the rewards for your mission.

Head to the Deserted Relay Station

Prepare yourself for a tiring hike to the Deserted Relay Station. Follow the blue objective marker through the rocky terrain of this planet, and eventually, you’ll arrive at the station.

The short flight of stairs will lead to a giant yellow-locked door. You can use the panel right next to the stairs to open this door.

Be ready for battle before entering the Relay Station. Reload your weapons and make sure that you have a med pack because you will be battling multiple Crimson Fleet Pirates inside.

Eliminate all Crimson Fleet Pirates

Most of the enemies you find inside can be taken down easily. There is only one of them that is going to give you trouble: the Pirate Cutthroat. He is a high-level enemy that does a lot of damage.

Defeat the Pirate Cutthroat in the Deserted Relay Station.

Search the entire area, including the balcony and roof, and take down any pirate that crosses your path. You can also find all sorts of cool loot, including credits, throughout this area.

Return to the Minerology Inc. Miner

After you have killed every last pirate in the Deserted Relay Station, it’s time you head back to the Mining Outpost, where you’ll have to find the Minerology Inc. Miner.

Speak to him and give him the good news about clearing the Relay Station. The Miner will take a sigh of relief and will reward you for your services.

Starfield – Pirate Activity mission rewards

Your rewards for clearing out the Deserted Relay Station are going to be the following:

  • XP: 150
  • Credits: 3000

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