Should You Persuade Or Kill Brogan In Starfield

After getting face to face with Brogan in Starfield during the One Small Step mission, should you try to Persuade or Kill him?

Brogan is a pirate who will attack your base during the One Small Step mission. After a little conversation with you and Vasco, Brogan will go for looting the ship. You can either Persuade Brogan into believing what Vasco is saying or kill him in Starfield.

Remember that each choice will lead to different scenarios; therefore, I will discuss both in this Starfield guide.

Should You Persuade or Attack Brogan?

Whether you want a peaceful route or wage war against the pirate and his crew in Starfield is up to your preference. In my experience, delicate negotiations always end well, and you will not have to spend time dealing with Brogan or his crew members.

By persuading Brogan to leave, you can net +10 XP points as a reward in Starfield. You will have only one choice if your peaceful negotiations don’t work. That will be to kill Brogan and his crew to de-escalate this situation in Starfield.

Remember that this pirate enemy will be on Level 6, and even after you kill him, he won’t drop any item for you to salvage either. Take your time dealing with him, and aim the red canisters next to him. This will cause an explosion, which might weaken Brogan significantly, allowing you to kill him.

After taking him out, you can join your companions in taking out the rest of this crew and finish this task in Starfield.


How to successfully Persuade Brogan in Starfield

The option I go for is to Persuade Brogan in Starfield instead of killing him. Remember that the Persuasion skill is a point-based skill you can follow on the left corner of your screen.

You will get different speech options, highlighted on the right side with points. The green points(+1, +2) are less and are most likely to work in your favor, whereas the orange ones jump to (+3) and come with greater risk. However, compared to the red ones (+5), these offer more successful rates.

You can proceed with the option “There’s no treasure in my…..get hurt.” Hearing this, Brogan will state that he will not leave, so you will have other options to persuade him instead of trying to kill him in Starfield. If you ignore the third option here, the other two can work well.

If you go with the first option (+1), the Pirate will not believe it and will still state that the ship is full of loot. Choosing the second option (+3), he will sound surprised and state that you are handing over your ship just like that.

After that, you will get more dialogue options next in Starfield. You can continue with your persuasion dialogues by going over the first or second option (+1 options). This will prolong your dialogue with Brogan; you can go with the (+3) dialogue choice.

In simpler terms, you will have chosen 2 Green points at the beginning and 3 orange ones. This will total 5 points, resulting in you successfully passing the persuasion skill check on this Pirate Brogan in Starfield.

Moreover, by choosing this option, you can make the pirate realize that he has already suffered too many losses during this endeavor.

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