Starfield A Parting Gift Walkthrough

Help out an old lady named Zawadi in the Parting Gift mission by delivering a letter to her pen pal in Starfield.

A Parting Gift is a short miscellaneous mission where you will be doing a delivery job for an old woman in Starfield.

You will be delivering the sentiments of an old woman to her friend across the galaxies to ensure these pen pals don’t lose their connection.

It reflects how in the modern and advanced days, there are still some people using the age-old method of conversing with handwritten letters. Let’s see how you can complete this short and sweet mission in Starfield.

How to unlock the Parting Gift mission

A Parting Gift side mission can be unlocked in Starfield by conversing with Zawadi Wade at the MAST District in New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System.

You will find her sitting on the benches right in front of the NAT stop, near the Chunks outlet.

After your conversation, your Mission HUD in Starfield will be automatically updated with A Parting Gift under the MISC Tab.


How to complete A Parting Gift in Starfield

In order to complete the A Parting Gift side mission in Starfield, you must first visit the Pioneer Towers NAT Station located in the MAST district of New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.  

After you exit from the NAT, you will find a grey-haired old woman, sitting on the benches wearing a blue and grey coat. She is Zawadi Wade who is an extremely sweet old lady who can offer some great wisdom if you wish to hear her out.

She explains she needs help delivering a hand-written letter to her pen pal Haddie who is all the way over to the Community Center in Cydonia.

Your task is to simply be a postman for Zawadi who is even generous enough to pay 1000 Credits up front for your services.

Where to find Zawadi Wade in New Atlantis.

Deliver the letter to Haddie

With the letter in hand, head to Cydonia on Mars in the Sol System to find Haddie.

You need to make your way into the Mining Colony of Cydonia near the ramp and find the Cydonia Residential entrance on your left.

It is an orange-colored door, opposite The Trade Authority Outpost you may remember visiting during the Delivering Devils and Runaway missions.

You will find Haddie Gustavsson alone, near the coffee table or the gym in the open hall down the stairs. She has short blonde hair with half braids and is wearing an orange shirt with blue overalls.

Find Haddie in the Cydonia Mining Colony.

Talk to her and hand over the letter Zawadi tasked you with. She will be happy to hear about it and wishes she could meet her in person but she came here to Cydonia to find peace after her son’s passing. With the letter delivered, A Parting Gift side mission will be completed in Starfield.

Starfield – A Parting Gift mission rewards

Despite being one of the shortest missions in Starfield, A Parting Gift side mission is pretty open-handed with Credits as rewards.

Completing A Parting Gift miscellaneous mission rewards you with 100 XP, 2300 Credits, 1300 for completing the mission, and the 1000 extra Credits from Zawadi in Starfield

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