Can You Do A Pacifist Run In Starfield?

Pacifist run in Starfield can be a game changer if they are introduced as a part of the next update

Thanks to the freedom of choice in the game, you can play Starfield by being in the grey, balancing both your good and bad actions to be morally ambiguous. Pacificism and Pacifist runs are a significant part of Bethesda’s RPG DNA. Games like Skyrim or Fallout have had dedicated pacifist runs, but people wonder if you can do one in Starfield.

Starfield offers you unparalleled freedom to play the game how you please. You will be the main character in the story. You can be a good guy who always does the right thing. You can even be a murderous space pirate who mows down everyone. The story is yours.

A Pacifist Run involves killing zero NPCs. You will commit no violence throughout your run and settle things peacefully.

This is not only limited to important story NPCs and enemies but also includes not harming minor enemies and creatures. You can fight enemies, but you can not kill them. A Pacifist Run is only possible if the game is built around such conventions. It has to be a part of the fundamental game design.

Is a Pacifist Run Possible in Starfield

Unfortunately, a Pacifist Run is not possible in Starfield at the moment. The game forces you to kill people in one way or another, which makes a run of this nature impossible. According to the lead game designer, Emil Pagliarulo, the idea was dropped early in development.

Even though there is no official way to play passively in Starfield, mods or exploits may change that. You may be able to download mods for Starfield that will allow you to progress through the game without killing anyone in the game. The same happened for Bethesda’s last single-player RPG; Fallout 4. So, we can only hope someone, somewhere will make a mod like this which we can download and play.


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