Starfield Releasing in 2019? New Trademark Information Surfaces

Starfield is coming to consoles and PC in 2019 if new trademark information is any indication. According to details gathered from the U.S Patent Database, Zenimax filed for patent renewal in 2016, after which the company had three years to prove the statement-of-use, otherwise, Starfield trademark would be up for grabs. The company was requested to provide an SOU in October 2016 but extension requests were filed.

The trademark ends in October 2019 and if Bethesda is able to provide statement-of use, the company will be given a few months to roll it out to the market.

Judging by Bethesda’s launch history, the company is unlikely to wait a few months before rolling out Starfield. Once the statement-of-use is provided by the end of October 2019, Bethesda is likely to rollout Starfield in October-November of 2019. Fallout 76, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas are all October-November releases. Bethesda is expected to roll out the game anywhere between October to November 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Bethesda filed for a time extension for producing the SOU back in 2017 which means the studio needs more time. The extensions were filed in early and then again in late 2017. Another extension request was filed a couple of months before E3 2018.

Bethesda is making a name for itself for not announcing the games close to their release windows. The company did the same with Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Doom, and others.  It is safe to say Bethesda won’t wait another 2 years to rollout Starfield. Fall of 2019 is a safe bet in the light of new information and Bethesda’s release track record.

While this is exciting to speculate, there are aspects that aren’t as exciting, well, not at all exciting I would say. Rumor has it that Starfield is limited by current-gen hardware which means when/if the game comes to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, it will be held back in next-gen hardware.

As for PS5 and Xbox Scarlet, they closer to release than we think.

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