How To Get N67 Smartgun In Starfield

Want to go full ballistic on your enemies without giving them a chance to retaliate? Look no further as we present you the best ballistic weapon in Starfield, N67 Smartgun.

N67 Smartgun is a ballistic heavy weapon that can be considered a unique weapon in Starfield. A Gatling gun with a massive rate of fire, the N67 is not that easy to obtain due to its extremely high purchase price. N67 is a pride weapon of Allied armaments and is used for crowd control due to its massive damage output in both closed and ranged proximities. 

In this guide, we will look at how you can get the N67 Smartgun in Starfield and take a peek at its general stats. This weapon can’t be crafted in the game just like the rest of the unique weapons.

Starfield N67 Smartgun location

The N67 Smartgun in Starfield can only be purchased. To purchase this gun, you need to meet a vendor in UC Distribution Center. This place is in the commercial district of New Atlantis city and becomes available once you decide to join UC Vanguard faction in the game. 

This massive gun costs a whooping 38,000 credits. However, you can drop the price to 36,000 credits with Level 1 commerce skill and down to almost 30,000 credits with Rank 4 in the same skill. We recommend that you look at our skill tree guide to get a better idea how skills and their upgrades work.


N67 Smartgun is my top favorite offensive weapon in Starfield. You can use this gun’s unfathomable firing rate and damage output to take down even the mightiest of the foes like Terrormorph. It also comes equipped with 2 mods, Compensator and Armor-piercing rounds. Below is a list detailing all the stats of N67 Smartgun in the game. 

  • Type: Ranged Weapon 
  • Class: Ballistic Heavy Weapon 
  • Damage Type: physical 
  • Damage Output: 11 per shot 
  • Ammo Type: 7.77x37mm caseless 
  • Range: 40m 
  • Clip Size: 300 
  • BPM: 350 
  • Weight: 15kg 
  • Value: 34,000 credits 
  • Accuracy: 49% 
  • Mods Slots: 6 

Due to its high price, N67 Smartgun will appear as a turn-off for the majority of the players in Starfield. However, we strongly recommend getting this weapon as soon as possible. For this purpose, you can check our credit farming guide to amass a small fortune in no time.


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