Starfield Mysterious Captain Guide 

The Mysterious Captain is a randomly encountered NPC that will leave you perplexed in Starfield.

In Starfield, you will encounter many memorable characters and quests that leave a lasting impression on you and your character. One of such strange encounters involves the Mysterious Captain. This is the most perplexing and confusing encounter you will encounter in the game.

The conversation does not reveal anything substantial in the game. You can use their services, however, but much later in the game.   

How to get Mysterious Captain in Starfield? 

Like most strange encounters in Starfield, the Mysterious Captain can not be found on a certain planet or within a certain system. She spawns randomly for every playthrough. You can increase your chances of encountering the Mysterious Captain by jumping between systems.  

When the Mysterious Captain flags you down in Starfield, she will act extremely cryptic. She will tell you how rare it is to see someone new come along. You can question her about her motives and what exactly her business is. However, she will not tell you anything.

In the end, all she will say she hopes to see you much later and jump away. While this may look like the end of the encounter, it is the beginning. The Mysterious Captain properly comes into play during New Game Plus.

Like with the standard game, you will encounter the Mysterious Captain randomly again. But this time, she will reveal herself as a Starborn. She is now settling down as a trader and will have some very rare items on sale.  


Starfield Mysterious Captain Rewards 

There are no specific rewards for this strange encounter. The Mysterious Captain in Starfield will become a trader but only in your NG+ run. However, you will encounter them once per playthrough. If you need to buy anything from the Mysterious Captain in Starfield, do it quickly because odds are you would not see them again.

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