Starfield: How To Move, Rotate, And Place Items

If you want to move, rotate, or throw some item like Grenade in Starfield but don't know how to do it, you are in the right place.

Many times in RPG games, players struggle to perform simple actions. Like in Starfield, where many players don’t know how to move, rotate, or place an in-game item they find somewhere. You can do many tasks efficiently if you know how to move, rotate, and place items.

This will help you to move items around in your outposts or storages and observe them. My guide will discuss simple actions of picking, rotating, and dropping an item in Starfield.

How to Move, Rotate, and Throw items in Starfield

Performing these basic in-game actions in Starfield is very simple. Remember that you can’t move, rotate, or place anything in Starfield unless it is an item that you can put in Inventory.

Here is how you can do that:

Move Items

To move a Starfield Item, the first approach is to get near the item and press the “E” on your PC. If you are playing on an Xbox console, you can go with the “A” button. You can press these buttons again to place them in your desired spots.

Rotate Items

If you want to take a 3D look at the item you just picked, you can keep holding the “E” button, the left mouse button, and the right mouse button.


After that, you can drag your mouse to rotate at an axis in Starfield. You have to hold “Shift” to change the rotation axis. For Xbox consoles, the buttons are “LT,” “RT,” and the left joystick for the rotation axis.

Throw Items

Throwing items is a simple process in Starfield. All you have to do is use the “R” button on your PC or the “X” button on your Xbox console. If uncomfortable with these controls, choose the best controls and settings you like.

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