How To Install Mods In Starfield With Mod Organizer 2

Starfield Mod Organizer 2 will help you install mods without any hassle.

The Mod Organizer 2 tool lets you install Mods in Starfield without corrupting the files. But before you install mods, you need to set it up on your PC. This works similarly to the Vortex Mod Manager but ensures that the mod works without interruptions.

You may not find its installation file on the internet, so don’t worry; I have covered complete details about downloading the Mod Organizer 2 file and installing it. I will also take you through instilling mods using the Mod Organizer 2 in Starfield and some of the best mods you can install early on.

How to install Starfield Mod Organizer 2

First, you need to install the Mod Organizer 2 on your system. There are no installation files on the web, so you have to use Discord to download it. Follow these steps to download the Mod Organizer 2:

  • Open Discord and join the Mod Organiser 2 Discord Server.
  • On channels, open the #dev-builds channel and look for the version compatible with Starfield.
  • Right now, Beta Version 6 is the compatible version for Starfield.
  • After downloading Mod Organiser 2, install it in your Starfield game directory files.
  • Open the program and Select “Create a new Instance.”
  • Select “Portable Instance” and select Starfield from the catalog of games.

How to set up mods with Mod Organizer 2

There is one more important step before we can set up mods in Starfield. On the Mods Organizer 2, select the Tab on the left to settings, and from there, select INI Editor.

There, select the Starfield Custom INI and make sure your parameters are set to these:

  • [Archive]
  • bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
  • sResourceDataDirsFinal=

Now go to the Nexus Mods site and download the Starfield mods. From the mods catalog on Nexus Mods, select your desired mod and select the “Mods Manage Download” button. On the next page, click the download button, and your mod will be downloaded.


Mods Organizer 2 will automatically detect the downloaded mod, and it will appear on its list.

To install the mod into your game, right-click the installed mod in mods Organizer 2 and click Install. An installation menu will open, prompting you to select your desired settings.

After that, your mod will be installed. Enable the mod from the left screen by ticking the mod name. After that, Click the “Run” button on the top right corner to run your Starfield Mods.

Best mods to install with Starfield Mod Organizer 2

With thousands of mods available, installing Starfield mods is up to your liking. But I will surely suggest some because these will uplift the game’s experience and optimize it. Here are the best mods in Starfield:


This mod will enhance the Starfield Inventory visuals by changing the views and offering more data. Moreover, you can get an easy comparison of different items.

Starfield Performance Optimizer

As the name says, this will optimize the game for you, making sure the game executes smooth graphics and mechanics.


This mod will change the color scheme by giving Starfield a realistic visual. Also, your black will improve if you use an OLED screen.

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