What Is The Max Level in Starfield?

You may wonder that what is the max level you can reach in Starfield. You will be pleased to know that the game has no cap on the amount of levels you can get with your character.

Leveling up is fundamental to any Bethesda RPG, and Starfield is no different. Leveling up gives you access to newer areas, higher stat gear, perks, and more. This raises the question: What is the max level you can reach in Starfield?

This is the most powerful and advanced you can get with your character. Any experience you gain after this level will either not be counted or will go to waste. You will probably have to explore all reaches of the game, play through every quest, and grind for many hours to reach this point. That is if the game has a max level cap in the first place.

Understanding Max Level in Starfield  

Unlike Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, Starfield does not have a max-level cap. This means you can continue to level up beyond the game’s base 100 levels. While the levels become inconsequential as you climb the ladder, it still benefits your character and gameplay.

You can also max out Skill Trees because there is no limit on how many times you level up. So in theory, you can make a character specializing in every aspect of the game before you start New Game+. 

How to Level Up Fast in Starfield  

There are several ways to level up fast in Starfield, from the traditional exploring methods to new techniques. You can try them and all, and you will never be short on XP.  

Complete Quests  

The easiest and fastest way to level up in Starfield involves completing the main story, side, and faction quests. Main quests will always be available to you, but you will need to explore the world to scope out side content.


Faction quests are perhaps the best way to gain more XP, as you can join all three available factions in Starfield; Ryujin Industries, United Colonies, and, Xenofresh Corporation. Take advantage of the no-limitations approach and play all three factions’ questlines to maximize your XP gain.  


Starfield is a vast game; due to the procedurally generated nature of the planets present within the game, you can rack up XP quickly by simply visiting new planets. The never-ending supply of planets means you will never run out of ways to gain XP. There will always be random events and encounters you can grind to gain XP and level up.

Planets are also home to valuable resources you can use, so this method allows you to knock out two birds with one stone. Do be aware, however, that certain planets have suggested level requirements. Going in under-leveled may result in you getting killed.  


Like Fallout, sleeping in Starfield nets you a limited-time 10% XP boost through the well-rested perk. Sleeping also restores your health. The XP boost lasts for 24 in-game hours, so be mindful of that. Sleeping before embarking on a significant story quest will allow you to maximize your XP gain. Similarly, exploring or defeating enemies while your active XP boost will work the same way.

Since XP bonus stacks, consuming other items in the game that grant you temporary XP boosts while being well-rested will further allow you to gain more XP. Beds are littered worldwide in Starfield, but you can always find one on your ship.  

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