How To Get Mark 1 Spacesuit Easily In Starfield

If you know the trick, you can get your hands on the amazing Spacesuit like Mark 1 earlier in Starfield.

The Mark 1 Spacesuit is offered earlier in Starfield as you start your main missions. The spacesuit offers great buffs and can seriously increase your withstanding capability. Getting a great spacesuit such as Mark 1 quickly, as starting early in Starfield, can be very helpful.

Starfield does not let you cheat your way into getting unique assets. But, there are specific opportunities that you can exploit to get this Spacesuit.

Requirements to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit

The main requirement to get the Mark 1 spacesuit is to complete the first mission of the campaign, “One Small Step.” You will get the Lodge key as soon as you complete the mission. The key is the major requirement of getting the Mark 1 Spacesuit.

Head to the New Atlantis City in Jemison Planet. You will find the lodge there. Use your key to gain access. As you enter the Lodge in Starfield, take a left as the arrow suggests in the image above.

The door inside the room will take you to the basement as you unlock it. Take the descending stairs and then proceed to take another left as shown in the image below.

Proceed further in the basement section, then take a right until you see a room with a sofa covered with white cloth. As you enter the room you will see the Mark 1 spacesuit displayed in a glass cabinet cornered to the left of the sofa.


How to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield

Getting close to the glass cabinet will prompt “Door locked,” and the option to unlock that requires a master skill. If you are new to this game and just started the campaign, you won’t be able to unlock the barrier.

To unlock the cabinet will require you to solve the lockpicking riddle in Starfield. As the difficulty level of the lockpicking is higher, we advise you to have as many Digipicks as possible and polish your lockpicking skills.

Digipicks can be obtained from any vendor in large amounts or found at enemies and various locations you travel to. Simply put, Solve the master lock by filling the holes in multiple rings. After that, you can get the Mark 1 spacesuit in Starfield.

Trick to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit early

Don’t be overwhelmed by the master requirement in lockpicking. For new players, there is a workaround that quickly gets you the Mark 1 Spacesuit. Hover your mouse over the right vertical edge to the lock of the glass cabinet slowly until you see a prompt of “Mannequin.” Open it, and you can get the spacesuit for free.

Collect the spacesuit, and it will be transferred into your inventory. Equip the spacesuit to enjoy. The following Mannequin prompt will likely be patched soon, so I advise you to get the Mark 1 as quickly as possible because this is a manipulative method.

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