How To Loot Destroyed Ships In Starfield

In Starfield, you can destroy any ship to potentially loot for different items.

There are hundreds of ships roaming around in Starfield that you can destroy and loot. For that, you need to attack and destroy the ship, which can either be defensive or offensive. Sometimes, destroying ships is part of the missions that Starfield offers.

On the other hand, you can also intentionally destroy a ship to loot the items inside. Doing so will give you access to various items to help you raise XP and level up in Starfield.

Looting destroyed Spaceships in Starfield

As said earlier, you can destroy ships by engaging them in a fight. Once the fight is ended and the ship is destroyed, you can access the chest in Starfield that you can loot.

To do so, you first need to approach the ship from a distance of 500 meters. You then need to scan the ship and open the loot menu. You can do this by pressing the “A Button” on the Xbox controller and the “E Key” on the PC.

Pressing this button once will enable you to lock the chest icon on the wreckage. After doing so, you need to press the button again to open the list of loot items. You can then pick and loot any items from the list of enemy ships in Starfield.

Tips to maximize your loot from ships

There is a strategy that you can use to maximize your ship loot. The idea is not to destroy the ship, eventually killing everyone onboard. Destroying Spaceships will prevent you from stealing items from the crew and captain, which are also valuable.


For this, you first need to paralyze the ship’s movement in mid-air. This can be done by damaging only the shield and engine while leaving the fuselage. After that, you can safely dock your ship without getting their resistance.

You can then enter the ship and loot every crew member in Starfield. After that, move your focus to kill the captain, giving you access to the “Captain Locker.”

Can you possibly steal Ships in Starfield?

If you have not destroyed the ship, you can save it and add it to the inventory. Otherwise, you can destroy the ship in Starfield since you have already looted all the valuables.

Remember that Stealing a ship you are not authorized to drive is a punishable crime in Starfield. Therefore, you need to consider all the consequences after you get caught by the authorities. But you can get by this by increasing your “Piloting Skills.”

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