How to get Keelhauler in Starfield 

The Keelhauler is a legendary pistol in Starfield with awesome stats and stopping power. You will need to do some quests in the Crimson Fleet questline to get this weapon.

Starfield is filled with unique legendary weapons that you can wield. Each brings something new to the game. But nothing wins against the power and aesthetics of the Keelhauler. This ballistic pistol has a damage of 65, a fire rate of 140, and an accuracy of 70.1%. Additionally, you can stagger your targets, frenzy them, and damage more unarmored targets.  

However, getting your hands on such a legendary weapon is not easy. To get it, you need to complete a series of quests to get to the mission that rewards this ranged pistol. In the Crimson Fleet questline in Starfield, you must become an undercover agent and do the work of US SysDef.  

Where to get the Keelhauler in Starfield? 

The only way to get your hands on the Keelhauler is to complete the quest Echoes of the Past in Starfield in the UC SysDef vs. Crimson Fleet questline. The best thing about this weapon is that you can get it anytime in the game, even in the early stages.  

There are two ways to join Crimson Fleet as an undercover; the first is to talk to Commander Tuala and agree to be a UC Vanguard. Another shorter way to get arrested is by committing a crime. You can then strike a deal with Commander Kibwe Ikande to become an undercover agent.  

Either way, you must complete Deep Cover and Rocks Meets the King to get Echoes of the Past mission, ultimately rewarding you with Keelhauler. Commander Kibwe Ikande, who will ask you to be an undercover agent for the US SysDef. 

Now, you will be assigned a Deep Cover mission, which will take 24 to 30 minutes to complete. After completing it, you must do another quest, Rook Meets King, which will take the same time as Deep Cover. When you complete these two, you must complete Echoes of the Past, which rewards you with Keelhauler.  

Play through the quest and then defeat the boss at the end. Continue your path and take the shuttle to the Key. Speak to Delgado after landing the shuttle. Tell him about the clues you found in the prison cell. He will then reward you with this pistol for your efforts.  

Starfield Keelhauler stats 

Keelhauler is a legendary Starfield pistol with high stats and a few additional effects. These include Staggering, Berserker, and Frenzy. Berserker is a perfect effect against low-level enemies because this pistol will inflict heavy damage on them.  

With Staggering, you can weaken the balance of your enemies, thus allowing them to fall. With Frenzy, you can frenzy the target, which makes them lose their minds.

It has a range of 24 and a fire rate of 140. In addition, it has an accuracy of 70.1%, a clip size of 6, and a damage of 64.

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