How To Cure Infections In Starfield

Infection is a status effect infliction in Starfield that you can get by multiple ways and is very simple to treat.

While progressing through the storyline of Starfield, you will get yourself inflicted with multiple afflictions, such as Infections that need to be cured. When you’re infected, a purple pill icon will be next to your character in the main menu.

You can get many infections in Starfield, such as Hypothermia, Pneumonia, and Lung Damage. The severity of the infections can be found inside the doctor’s clinic, where he will give you a Prognosis depending on your condition.

If you have a mild infection, your prognosis will be “Excellent.” On the other hand, you will get a “Poor” prognosis when the disease has damaged your internal organs. Your physical abilities will significantly suffer when that happens, so you must treat the infection as early as possible.

How to treat Infections in Starfield

In Starfield, there are multiple ways to Cure infections, which are listed below:

Visit a Doctor

The first and best way to heal Starfield Infection is by speaking to a professional doctor. Doctors are not challenging to find, as you can find them in clinics scattered throughout all major cities of Starfield.

You must make your way to the “New Atlantis City.” Once there, travel to the lodge and head east to find the “Reliant Medical Building.” Upon getting there, you need to head inside and find the doctor named “Dr. Alexei Lebedev.”


After finding the doctor’s chamber, you need to initiate the conversation with him, where you will get several dialogue options. From there, select the “I need help, doc” option.

Doing so will command the doctor to initiate the treatment to treat infection in Starfield. Your infection treatment will cost you anywhere from “400 to 700” Credits.

Analgesic Poultice (aid item)

In Starfield, you can also use various items, such as an Analgesic Poultice, to treat infections. For that, you first need to get your hands on one, which can be done by crafting it inside the Pharmaceutical Lab.

The lab is inside “The Lodge” in the New Atlantis city. Once there, you will need several items below to craft an Analgesic Poultice.

  • “X1 Bandages”
  • “X1 Antibiotics”
  • “X1 Heal Paste”

After crafting the Analgesic Poultice, you can find it inside the “Aid Section” of your inventory. Select it from there and press “A” to heal Starfield Infections.

Antibiotics (aid items)

If you opt not to go to the doctor or are located inside the planet system, which is not close to the doctor or an infirmary, Antibiotics can be the best way to heal Infections. To get your hands on the Antibiotics in Starfield, you need to head to one of the vendors listed below:

  • Jemison Merchantile (New Atlantis)
  • Reliant Medical (New Atlantis)
  • Trade Authority (Akila City)

Healing Infections with Antibiotics can be a slow process, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use Antibiotic Paste. You need to head inside one of the Pharmaceutical labs to get your hands on one. From there, you will be able to craft Antibiotic Paste using the following items:

  • X1 Membrance
  • X1 Antimicrobial

Another form of Antibiotic called “Antibiotic Cocktail” is best for curing Starfield infections. It is a concussion of multiple Antibiotics that will help you treat infections faster than ever. You can purchase this from the vendors mentioned listed below:

  • Manaaki Almonte (Cydonia)
  • James Newill (Neon)
  • Kolman Land (Neon)
  • Mary Cartwrite (Akilla City)

Penicillin X (aid item)

Suppose you are not having luck with treating infections with antibiotics. In that case, you can try Penicillin X. It is a modified “High-Intensity Antibiotic” designed to help eliminate the disease from the player’s body.

To get your hands on Pencillin X, you can visit multiple vendors and craft it inside the “Pharmaceutical Lab.” For that, you will need several items listed below:

  • X1 Membrane
  • X2 Antimicrobial
  • X1 Metabolic Agent

How to get an Infection for the Decontamination skill

In Starfield, there is a way that you can use to help boost your immunity and cure for the Infections. This can be made possible using the Decontamination skill. The skill has several ranks; the final one will allow you not to have the infection for your whole life.

To get Starfield Decontamination skills, you must first unlock it by spending 8 Skill Points. Your immunity from infections is minimal to none at this rank; therefore, you need to increase your rank.

You need to purposely inflict yourself with the Infection and recover from it multiple times. The highest rank requires players to heal from the infection 30 times, allowing you not to get infections in your lifetime.

To get yourself inflicted with infection, you can get yourself to a “Cold or Damp area” while wearing low-resistance gear. Doing so will allow you first to get the cough, leading to Lung Damage and Infection in Starfield.

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