Starfield Hyperia Survey Guide

Hyperia is a moon of Magreth located in the Narion System, which can be surveyed to get rare resources.

As you progress through the storyline of Starfield, you will find many deserted planets and moons that you can survey, such as Hyperia. To complete the game’s progress, you must Survey these planets and moons.

Most of the time, you will visit these planets and moons as part of your mission. Once you get there, you can scan the planets or moons for 100% survey completion like I did for Hyperia in Starfield

How to 100% Survey Hyperia in Starfield

Like other Moons, Hyperia has a Survey Checklist that you must complete by scanning “fauna, flora, and resources.” You also need to discover any “traits” that the moon features.

To scan these items, you need to activate your scanner. After that, you can scan all the items that Hyperia Moon features. Scan the item in front, and it will begin the scanning process. Once the scanning process is complete, the Blue Outline inside the HUD will turn green.

Also, you will see the Survey Checklist progress and items marked inside the list on the left. You will visit Starfield Hyperia Moon as part of the mission, The Old Neighborhood. During this mission, you need to find Moara and free him from “Ecliptic Mercenaries” to get possession of Artifact Beta.

To be able to scan the item successfully, you need to be within a “10-meter” radius of the scanner. This problem can easily be resolved by upgrading the “Scanner Skill” from the skill tree.

Hyperia Survey Checklist

As said, each planet has a Survey Checklist that you need to complete by scanning different items. Once done, your Survey Checklist progress will turn into “Surveyed.” The items included in the Starfield Hyperia Survey Checklist are listed below:

Aluminum (Al)Crater“Aluminium is a precious metal that is used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear in Starfield. It is also used in the Outpost Construction”
Helium-3 (He-3)Crater“Helium-3 can be used for crafting, building outposts, and upgrading your gear. It is also used as a fuel to power Fueled Generators or Cargo Links.”
Neodymium (Nd)Crater“Neodymium is a rare resource found in Starfield that can be used in a number of crafting recipes that include weapons mods, equipment, and outposts.”
Beryllium (Be)Crater“Beryllium is a precious item that is used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear in Starfield.”

All Flora and Fauna on Hyperia

The Hyperia Moon does not feature any Flora and Fauna inside its habitat, as most of the terrain is barren.

How to Find Resources on Hyperia in Starfield

In Hyperia Moon, you will find a few very easy-to-locate resources. The resources that you will find in Hyperia are listed below:

  • Neodymium (Nd)
  • Aluminium
  • Helium-3
  • Beryllium (Be)

As you land in Hyperia in Starfield, you need to head into a valley made of craters and the first resource you will find is Aluminum (Al). Make your way to the Hillside Cave Point of Interest, where a cloud of yellow smoke appears from the ground.

After inspecting, you will find Helium-3 (He-3) from that cloud. From there, head west to the Hillside Cave to find the Neodymium (Nd) and Beryllium (Be) in the same spot. Doing so, you will complete a 100% Survey of Hyperia, and the list will be marked as “Surveyed.”

All Biomes on Hyperia in Starfield

As much of the terrain of Hyperia is Barren, you will not find any living Biomes inside. You can visit other planet systems to find biomes such as “Mountains and Volcanos.”

How to discover Hyperia Traits

You can use your onboard Snanner to find Planet Traits, but unfortunately, you will not find any on Starfield Hyperia Moon. Finding these, however, is required to complete your survey progress.

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