How To Switch Or Holster Your Weapon In Starfield

Switching between weapons at the press of a button makes the combat engaging and fast in Starfield. Surely, nobody wants to run around with weapon in their hands all the time. This is where the nifty Holster feature comes in to play.

Starfield offers a decent array of firearms. You can carry around these weapons with you all the time to counter unexpected dangers. However, you don’t want to come across as an aggressive person to other NPCs and companions. For this purpose, Starfield offers two quick options, holster your currently equipped weapon or switch between your favorite items at the press of a button. In this guide, we will look at both features to make your combat encounters a hell lot easier in Starfield.

How to holster your weapon in Starfield

Starfield doesn’t give you proper directions on how to holster your weapon. However, it is as easy as long pressing a button for a second or so. To holster your weapon just long press the reload button and don’t let it go. In a second or so, your character will holster its weapon and turn non-hostile to other NPCs. 

For Xbox controllers, the reload button is mapped to “X” and for keyboards, it is the “R” key. You need to press and hold the X button on your Xbox controller and the R key on your keyboard to holster the weapon in Starfield. If you are using a Dualsense controller for PC, make sure to long press “Square” button.

How to switch between weapons

There are two ways to switch between your weapons in Starfield. You can go to inventory and then equip the weapon you desire. However, this turns cumbersome and ruins the flow of combat in Starfield. The best way to switch weapons is by using the favorites menu

To assign your weapons to the favorites menu in Starfield, you need to do the following steps in order. 

  • First, open the inventory menu. This can be done by pressing the “I” key on your keyboard or the “menu/options” button on your Xbox controllers. 
  • Now highlight the weapon you want to favorite and press “B” on the keyboard or “Y/Triangle” on Xbox controllers. 
  • This will open a weapon wheel. You can favorite 9 weapons to switch on both the Keyboard and controllers in Starfield. 
  • Now assign the weapon on keys 1-9 on the keyboard and on the directional buttons of the controllers (d-pad). 

Once this is done, you can switch to your favorite weapons at the press of a button in Starfield. On the keyboard press “Q” key to open the weapon wheel and select the desired weapon without entering inventory. You can also simply press the corresponding weapon key (1-9) to equip the weapon without opening the weapon wheel. 


For controllers, simply press any directional key. This will open the weapon wheel. You can select and switch to the weapon of your choice from there in Starfield by pressing the correct directional key.

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