How To Get Hard Target in Starfield?

The Hard Target is a wonderful rifle in Starfield that will allow you to engage enemies from a distance safely. There are two ways to get this in the game.

In the category of sniper rifles and long-range combat, the Hard Target stands above the rest in Starfield. It is considered to be one of the best rifles in Starfield to equip. The hard target is an exceptional weapon capable of one-shotting different enemies.

It has a high accuracy, and in the hands of a skilled person, this is a weapon capable of mass destruction. Therefore, in this guide, we will show you how to get this beautiful rifle for yourself.

Ways to get the Hard Target in Starfield

There are essentially two different ways that you can get the Hard Target in Starfield. We will discuss them both below in detail:

Reach Level 30+

You will automatically unlock this rifle when you reach the level 30-35. This is a very overpowered weapon, and you can potentially skip difficult sections very quickly if you have this early on.

But even after level 30+, this weapon will stay relevant. After crossing level 30, you can purchase this weapon from different vendors and merchants throughout Starfield’s galaxy. But keep in mind that this rifle will not come cheap. On average, this overpowered rifle will cost you at most 20,000 credits.

So make sure that you have enough credits saved up. If not you can call always farm credits in Starfield to get that extra money you need. You can also sell your junk. That also frees up space. Here is a list of the different vendors from whom you can purchase the Hard Target in Starfield.

  • UC Surplus in The Well, New Atlantis
  • Neon Tactile, Neon
  • Rowlands Arms, Akila City
  • Centaurian Arsenal, New Atlantis

Loot from the Biotics Lab on Rasalhauge System

There is another way to get the Hard Target in Starfield for free. If you cannot buy it for whatever reason then you can try this alternative method and get it for free. But this method will be a little difficult. Follow these steps to get the Hard Target

  • Grav jump to the Rasalhauge System.
  • After jumping there, make your way to the planet named ‘Rasalhauge II”
  • On this planet, there will be an abandoned Biotics lab. Land your ship there
  • In the biotics lab, there will be pirates, so make sure to save beforehand.
  • Now comes the important step: farm these pirates to get the Hard Target. You will essentially kill the rest of them first and save the Boss for later. After finishing off the pirates, quick save and then go on to kill the boss. The Boss will be level 60+, so ensure you are ready. Once you kill her, loot her corpse.
  • If the Hard Target does not appear for you, simply reload and then try this again. Eventually, you will get the Hard Target

You can also try this strategy on different boss-level fights that are above level 50. You can get the Hard target from there as well.

Starfield Hard Target Stats

The Hard Targets stats in Starfield are as follows:

Hard TargetStats
ClassBallistic rifle
Damage typePhysical
Ammunition type.50 Caliber Caseless
Clip size5
Rate of fire25
Value20,510 C
Mod slots7
Hard Target ID546CC

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