Starfield Hard Luck Walkthrough

Hard Luck is a short mission where you must convince Saburo to let Clover pay all of his debts in Starfield.

“Hard Luck” is a unique mission in Starfield in the sense that Clover Mackenna wants to pay off the debt of one of her clients: Saburo Okadigbo.

You do not normally see such selfless acts in Neon City but here it is. Agree to help her convince Saburo to let Clover settle her debts.

How to unlock the Hard Luck mission

You are eventually going to unlock the “talk to Clover” activity while doing some of the Neon City missions. You can then go ahead and speak with her to unlock and start the Hard Luck side mission in Starfield.

Clover Mackenna is located inside the Celtcorp Office which you might remember from the Ryujin Industries questline. Make your way to Neon Core and enter the Trade Tower. Take the elevator on your left to the CeltCorp floor where you will find Clover behind the reception desk.

How to complete Hard Luck in Starfield

Clover is concerned about one of her clients Saburo Okadigbo. Saburo has racked up quite a large debt and Clover wants you to help her find a way to clear his debt.

Find Clover’s diary (optional)

Before heading out to speak with Saburo about his debt, consider completing the optional objective of finding Clover’s diary. Since the diary is located inside Clover’s office, we highly recommend you read the diary before meeting Saburo.


Head to the back of the office to find Clover’s diary on a desk on your left. You can follow your quest marker to get to it as well.

Speak with Saburo Okadigbo

Saburo can be found in the Mining League of Neon Core. Follow your quest marker like always and it will lead you straight to him. Speak with him to know more about his debt situation and then you will have to make a choice.

If you brought Clover’s diary as we recommended, give it to Saburo. He will change his mind after reading Clover’s Slate.

This cuts your work short. Otherwise, Saburo will refuse to take any help in settling his debts. You will also have the option to persuade Saburo to convince him to take the money. This will give you the same outcome but bringing Clover’s diary helps you in case you have a low persuasion skill.

Buy some items from Saburo’s shop (optional)

Saburo will ask you if there is anything he can do for you. You must choose “I’d like to see what you have for sale.” This will allow you to shop for items from Saburo’s shop, including weapons, ammo, helmets, and resources.

Note that you can also speak with Saburo to unlock Saburo’s Solution, another side mission in Starfield.

Return to Clover

After convincing Saburo, head back to Clover in the Trade Tower. Tell her that you managed to convince Saburo to take her help in settling his debts.

This will conclude the Hard Luck mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Hard Luck mission rewards

When you will complete this mission, you will get the following Rewards:

  • 2000 Credits
  • 100 XP

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