Starfield Grimsey Survey Guide

Grimsey is a moon of Depala located in the Narion System which can surveyed to get rare resources and traits.

As you travel through the Settled System in Starfield, you will find a moon to survey named Grimsey. It is the first moon of “Depala” in the “Narion” system. It would be best to visit this moon for 100% progress in the Survey Checklist.

To do this, you need to scan this moon’s fauna, flora, and resources.

How to 100% Survey Grimsey in Starfield

To get a 100% Survey Checklist in Grimsey, you need to scan it completely. By scanning, you will find “fauna, flora, resources, and traits the moon features. Unfortunately, Grimsey does not feature any fauna and flora.

The first thing you need to do to scan an item is to be within a “10-meter” radius of the item. Afterward, you can scan all the items that Grimsey Moon features in Starfield. Once you have activated your scanner, you must get out on an adventure inside the mountain terrain of Grimsey.

You will then find a Survey Checklist on the left side of the Heads Up Display. Scan the item in front, and it will begin the scanning process. The Blue Outline inside the HUD will turn green once the scanning process is complete. Also, you will see the Survey Checklist progress and items marked inside the list on the left.

Grimsey Survey Checklist

As said, each planet has a Survey Checklist that you need to complete by scanning different items. Once done, your Survey Checklist progress will turn into “Surveyed.” The items included in the Starfield Grimsey Survey Checklist are listed below:

Iridium (Ir)Volcanic Rocks“Iridium is a rare resource found in Starfield that can be used in several crafting recipes, including weapons mods, equipment, and outposts.”
Plutonium (Pu)Volcanic Rocks“Plutonium is an important resource in Weapons mods crafting and you can even sell it to make credits in Starfield.
Uranium (U)Volcanic Rocks“Uranium is an uncommon resource used as a fuel in nuclear reactors, generating energy through controlled nuclear fission.”
Vanadium (V)Volcanic Rocks“Vanadium is a rare resource found in Starfield that can be used in several crafting recipes that include weapons mods, equipment, and outposts.”

All Flora and Fauna on Grimsey

Unfortunately, Grimsey Moon in Starfield does not feature any Fauna or Flora inside its habitat due to the uninhabitable climate of the Moon.

How to Find Resources on Grimsey in Starfield

In Grimsey Moon, you will find a couple of resources that are very easy to locate.

  • Iridium (Ir)
  • Plutonium (Pu)
  • Uranium (U)
  • Vanadium (V)

Go to the three-story building from your Landing Spot in Grimsey, and you will find Uranium (U) and Vanadium (V). Traveling closer to the building, you will find the Iridium (I) on top of a small rock.

The building is an “Abandoned Research Plant,” which you can get inside to loot enemies. Once you leave the plant, you will find Plutonium (P) from the small rocks.

All Biomes on Grimsey in Starfield

The moons in Starfield do not feature any Biomes. Therefore, you will not find any living Biomes inside. You can visit other planet systems to find biomes such as “Mountains and Volcanos.”

How to discover Grimsey Traits

You can use your onboard Snanner to find Traits in Grimsey Moon. The traits that you will find here are listed below:

  • Crystalline Minerals
  • Thermal Crater

To find these traits, you must go to the “Unexplored Chemistry Feature.” Once there, you will find the “Crystalline Mineral” trait on top of the quartz minerals.

You then need to travel to “Unexplored Geophysical Feature,” where you will find the “Thermal Crater” trait. Doing so, you will complete 100% of the Survey in Starfield Grimsey, and the list will be marked as “Surveyed.”

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