Starfield Flora Guide

Scanning Flora that you can find on the planet's surface helps you in the Planet survey completion.

Flora in Starfield is also known as the plants or vegetation inhabiting the planets. Each planet has its own unique set of Flora as well. Flora can also be harvested to further aid you in creating items like fiber, metabolic agents, nutrients, toxins, etc.

Survey the planet spans over the completion of biomes as it requires you to visit and scan each of them. A 100% survey score in Starfield survey data can lead you to sell it for monetary gains, as the survey data sells for a significant amount of money at various locations.

However, getting the survey data job done is tedious as you will often be left stranded near the completion of your biomes. I will give some tips and an extensive guide over Flora in Starfield.

How to Scan Flora in Starfield

The best way to scan Flora in Starfield is to walk your way and travel as much as possible over the land. Delve deep into the vegetation, and you will surely come across the various Flora of the planet. Scan the items using the Scanner to discover them, and you can also harvest them for your gains.

To further help you in Finding Flora, increase your Surveying Skills. This will increase the radial of your surveying scan in Starfield. Scan even the most minor details you see on the vegetation. Make sure to land near the coastal area and scan the Flora.

List of All Flora in Starfield

The Flora is classified based on the Planets they inhabit.

  • Swamp Weed can be found in Wetlands and is used in Ornamental Materials.
  • Forest Reed is located in Frozen Plains and is mostly used in fibers.
  • Rotting Stinkroot is also found near Wetlands and used in Antimicrobial applications.
  • The Cold Nave Nettle is at Frozen Plains and is extensively used in crafting Sealants.
  • The Bog bloom is located in Wetlands and can be used as a source of Nutrients.

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