How To Fix Starfield “Fast Travel Directly From Mission Menu” Bug

Are you annoyed by the stuck pop-up that says Fast Travel directly from the Mission Menu? No need to worry anymore as I came up with a solution to fix this.

The Starfield has been released, and players who are getting it might expect early bugs. A bug that annoys the players is when you start a mission in Starfield, a message will appear in your pop-up: “Fast Travel Directly from Menu.”

This message stays on the screen and doesn’t go away no matter how hard you press the buttons. Although it doesn’t affect your gameplay, having a message always pop up is frustrating. That is why I will provide solutions for this Starfield bug.

Starfield Fast Travel directly from Mission Menu Bug solutions

Getting rid of this frustrating message is not hard at all. I will override this message with a new message, which will fix the bug once the new message disappears from the screen. This will be the key solution for solving this bug.

Here are some methods you can use to override the pop-up about the Fast traveling from the mission bug in Starfield:

Rise your CO2 Levels

This is the simplest solution for getting a new pop-up message. Run around wherever you are and deplete your oxygen level, which will result in the rise of CO2 level.

Once it rises, a message will pop up: “Careful! You are gaining CO2. When Full, you will take damage instead.” Now, relax for a while and let the pop-up disappear. After it is gone, no message will be stuck on your screen regarding the fast travel bug in Starfield.


Confine yourself in a Chlorine vent

If the first solution didn’t work for some reason, you can try to get a warning pop-up by staying inside a Chlorine Vent located on Planet Europa. Stay there long enough until you get a warning message from the game. Once it disappears, the Starfield Fast Travel directly from the mission Menu pop-up will also disappear.

Take off your helmet

You can pull this dangerous stunt by removing your helmet in an atmosphere where it is necessary to wear a helmet. This will give you a warning pop-up and override the previous message about fast traveling from the mission menu in Starfield.

Progress in the game

If any of the above solutions don’t work, then the final solution is to play with that annoying message until you progress, and the message has to be overridden with a new one.

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