Starfield Extended Warranty Hail Guide 

A random ship will sometime hail you about your ship's extended warranty in Starfield. Here is how to deal with it.

In Starfield, you will find all manner of strange characters with interesting stories. Some will ask for help, some with threaten you, while others will ask only that you have a chat with them; like grandma in Starfield. One of these encounters is the Extended Warranty Hail.

A ship will contact you and say that your warranty is about to expire. They will tell you to take the deal to renew your warranty and purchase the extended warranty option. Here is how to deal with them.

How to get Extended Warranty Hail in Starfield? 

The extended warranty hail encounter is completely random and occurs according to your progress in the game. We had the opportunity to encounter the mysterious spaceship near the Jaffa II planet of the Jaffa system. 

A random ship will come out of nowhere and show its interest in interacting with you. If you accept the pilot informs you that there is a state of political uncertainty in the Settled Systems. He says that this is the best time to renew your ship’s protection (or purchase a new one).  

After that, you can respond with three different options: 

  • I’m interested in hearing more. 
  • No thanks. 
  • [Attack] I’ve had enough of this. 

Each of the above options leads you to a different outcome.


If you choose to accept their offer, they will present several deals that you can purchase. You can do so, but nothing will happen other than a loss in your bank. If you refuse, they fly away. If you attack, you will have to fight them. You can then destroy them, or board them and take over their ship.

Starfield Extended Warranty Hail Rewards 

There are no direct rewards for extended warranty hail encounter.

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