Where To Get Drilling Rig In Starfield

The Drilling Rig does as the name suggests in Starfield, it drills things. It is used in the resource generation process.

Sometimes crafting requires specialized tools to be able to do so. The Drilling Rig in Starfield is one of them. This rig is classified as a manufacturing tool. You have to seek it out and find it if you want to use recipes involving the use of this item. As the name suggests, it is used for drilling and generating resources in Starfield.

It is mainly found on mining planets and near digging sites, though it can also be purchased. However, you cannot craft it.

Starfield Drilling Rig Location

Drilling Rig in Starfield is found on mining planets and will more often than not be strewn across the floor. So you will need to keep a keen eye out when finding it. A surefire way to get it is by taking on a mission from the United Colonies Vanguard faction. To do this, head to New Atlantis in Starfield. You will find this area on the planet Jemison, which sits in the Alpha Centauri system.

Head over to the MAST area on the planet and speak to Captain John Tuala. After you successfully join the faction, you will be given your first faction mission. The mission is titled “Grunt Work” and involves you visiting the planet Tau Ceti II. You will take down a Terrormorph terrorizing the local population.

Follow the quest objective and do what is required of you. Restore power to a security system and then kill the Terrormorph. During the quest, you will be required to enter a building. This is where you can find a Drilling Rig in Starfield.

When you come across a flight of stairs, head down and point your camera to the ground and there should be a Drilling Rig on the floor next to a large metallic object.


Where to Buy the Drilling Rig in Starfield

Several vendors littered throughout the game hold the Drilling Rig item in Starfield. The first vendor is found on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.

Head to New Atlantis’ Commercial District on Jemison and find the Outland shop. Talk to the owner Cornelius Townard, and purchase a Drilling Rig. The second vendor is found on Volii Alpha, in the Volii system. Particularly in the Neon City area. Head to the city and seek out a shop called Sieghart’s Outfitters.

Talk to the owner Dietrich Sieghart and purchase a Drilling Rig. The Drilling Rig can also be found on Akila in the Cheyenne System. Head over to the Akila City shop in Starfield called Shepherd’s. Talk to the owner there to acquire a Drilling Rig.

Sometimes these vendors may not have the Drilling Rig available. This may arise due to you purchasing their entire stock or them simply not having them on a particular day. Find a nearby bed or make your way back to your ship. Sleep for a day and the merchant’s inventory will refresh.

The Drilling Rigs should show up on the following day. The cost for Drilling Rigs is usually around 130-140 credits.

Use the Console Command Function on PC

If you do not want to go through the trouble of buying or finding the Drilling Rig, you can use console commands in Starfield. Open the Starfield PC console command using the (~) or (‘) key and type in the following command:

  • player.additem 20A02F 1

You can adjust the numerical value of the last digit to set the amount of Drilling Rigs added to your inventory.

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