Is Dream Home Worth It In Starfield?

Dream Home is one of the traits Starfield offers which you will find amusing.

Starfield features a host of traits you can pick during the character customization phase of your journey. These traits allow you to attain certain benefits and advantages. These traits in Starfield include the “Dream Home” trait. It lets you start with a fancy home from the get-go. You will find it located on the Neosai planet in the Olympus System.

Having the dream home in Starfield can have various benefits. However, choosing to go this route also comes with certain caveats. These may be more trouble than they are worth. This guide will review whether you should select the Dream Home trait in Starfield.

Should you get the Dream Home in Starfield?

The Description for the Dream Home trait in Starfield reads:

“You own a luxurious, customizable house on a peaceful planet! Unfortunately, it comes with a 125,000 credit mortgage with GalBank that has to be paid weekly.”

If you select this trait, it will net you a house. However, you will be stuck with a weekly payment of 500 credits. The house becomes available to you after completing the quest “Dream Home”. It becomes accessible upon completing the One Small Step mission in Starfield, the first mission in the game.

Then, you can enter your house by paying 500 credits. You will have to pay another 500 after a week to retain access to the house. You will have plenty of storage. So, if you run out of space on your Starship, This is where you can stash your items. Secondly, the home also comes with fridges and cooking stations that you can use to store and craft food items.


Lastly, like your Starship, you can customize your home according to your liking. If you are someone who has a liking towards this feature, it makes choosing the trait a no-brainer.

Now, coming to the elephant in the room. Five hundred credits a week are manageable if you are smart about playing your game. Avoid spending money on unnecessary things; you will have plenty of credits for your mortgage.

If you miss your payment for a week or two, you will only lose access to the house temporarily. You can even go to GalBank on New Atlantis and pay 125,000 credit as a lump sum. But you must farm a lot of credits in Starfield to do that.

Having a secondary base of operations (other than your Starship) is well worth it for the 500 credit/week payment. We recommend going ahead and choosing the Dream Home trait in Starfield.

What Happens if you don’t get the Dream Home in Starfield?

While there are no direct consequences to not choosing the Dream Home trait in Starfield (other than not having a house from the get-go) you may face some difficulty on your adventures. Firstly, you will have lower overall storage to work with. You may have to discard items to make room for new ones.

Furthermore, this trait saves you from the hassle of seeking out a property in the game. This has a prerequisite of being a Citizen of the United Colonies and having enough credits to buy one.

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