Starfield Dr. Sohla Banglawala Guide

The encounter with Dr. Sohla Banglawala is a humorous one where you can help a scientist out with some minerals in Starfield.

Starfield is a massive game with its fair share of humorous moments. Many of these moments are found in random encounters. Things that happen when you are cruising through space. One of such encounters involves Dr. Sohla Banglawala in Starfield.

She is a randomly encountered NPC that will have some funny things to say. This guide will show you how to deal with her.

How to Get Dr. Sohla Banglawala encounter in Starfield

The Dr. Sohla Banglawala encounter is rare and can happen anywhere. It mostly happens during space travel. You will receive an incoming hail from Dr. Sohla Banglawala which you can answer. Accept her hail, and she will explain that she is a scientist in search of Platinum, Vanadium, and Lithium. If you have these minerals, you can offer them to her.

Otherwise, you can refuse. Instead of ending, the encounter will remain ongoing. Dr. Banglawala will then try to go, but her Grav Drive will not respond. She will ask you about your hobbies and then tell a joke which will become a cliffhanger.

Just before she reaches the punchline, her Grav Drive will activate and she will disappear. It is quite funny if you like that sense of humor. 

Starfield Dr. Sohla Banglawala Encounter rewards

This one-of-a-kind incident also includes rewards. If you have the required materials, you can give them to her. She will offer other minerals such as Aluminum, Copper, or Lead in return. She can also offer you some Credits in return. 


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