How To Install DLSS 3 Mod In Starfield

If you want to further enhance your Starfield gameplay experience, then DLSS 3 Mod is for you.

The DLSS 3 Mod in Starfield provides a shaper image and higher framerates. The Mod comes with another unique feature called Nvidia’s Frame Generation tech. Provided you are an RTX 4000 series user, this unique feature will further enhance your FPS massively.

While the paid Mod creates a user barrier, it has also been cracked. A user named LukeFZ564 has saved the day by uploading a free copy of the DLSS 3 mod. It provides considerable increments in your FPS and delivers a seemingly higher-resolution gameplay experience.

This is an extensive guide; stay with me as I will guide you on installing DLSS 3 mod in Starfield.

DLSS 3 Mod requirements

To install the free version of the DLSS 3 mod in Starfield, there are a few requirements that you need to fulfill.

After the download phase has finished, extract the files into distinct folders.

DLSS 3 Mod Installation in Starfield

Navigate to the contents of Starfield Frame Generation – Replacing FSR2 with DLSS-G folder. Copy all of the contents and paste it into your Starfield located in Steam->Steamapps->common->Starfield. It will prompt you to replace the existing files and proceed to do so.


After that, locate the streamline folder. It is a subfolder inside the Starfield folder. You must copy the .dll files of the folders you extracted from NVIDIA DLSS DLL software and NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation DLL contents inside the streamline folder.

If you find the drag-and-drop option annoying, click the scope of each folder you want to copy and press “CTRL+A.” This will highlight all the contents. Click to copy, then hover your cursor over the streamline folder and paste it there. Follow this method for each of the two extracted folders.

This is the concatenated installation phase of the DLSS 3 mod in the Starfield.

DLSS 3 Mod in-game Settings

If you followed the mentioned procedure thoroughly, all you need to do next is clear all the opened panels and launch Starfield.

After launching the game, proceed to Settings->Display Settings. Look for an upscaling option. Make sure it is set to FSR2. Making sure of this will let you play the DLSS 3 underlying FSR2 label in the display settings.

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