All Crimes You Can Commit In Starfield Explained

Starfield lets you act out all your criminal fantasies as you want, but before you go on doing that, you need to know what counts as crimes.

In Starfield, you can live out your wildest space-faring fantasies. You be the hero who wants to save the galaxy, or you can be the greedy person only looking out for their interest. You will take numerous actions in the game, both good and bad. Good actions will be rewarded, but if you commit crimes in Starfield then you will be penalized.

Law enforcement will come after you and then you will have to pay a fine, serve a jail sentence, or they will put you down. But before you can go about your way, you will need to know which acts are counted as crimes.

All Crimes In Starfield  

These are the crimes that you can commit while traveling throughout space in Starfield. 


This is the most basic form of crime that you can commit, even if it is a small piece of bread. If you see a small red icon beside an item in a restricted area, taking it will be considered a crime. So, if you want to avoid jail time, make sure to invest in your stealth points. They will make it harder for you to be detected. 


Lockpicking in areas that you are not supposed to lock pick in will be considered a crime. Look for a small red icon that pops up beside that chest/door you are going to lock pick. To avoid getting caught lockpicking, ensure that you are not being seen.


Trespassing in restricted locations or sensitive areas is also considered a crime. You will be notified if you are trespassing in the areas. If you get caught the first time, you will be escorted outside. But if you are caught trespassing in the same area multiple times, it will be considered a crime.



Attacking a person or a ship out of curiosity will also get you a criminal charge. Although, we know you may want to do it for giggles, Starfield will make it so that you do not turn out to be a murderhobo. If you still want to attack innocent individuals, make sure no one sees you. 


If you are trying to smuggle contraband into your ship for some extra credits, you best not get caught. Because if you do it will be considered a crime and you will have to face the consequences. If despite all the warnings you still want to role-play being Han Solo, make sure you have a Fast Ship. Because the space police sure do.

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