Starfield Cooking Station Guide

Cooking Stations in Starfield can be used to cook various food item including beverages.

To cook food, players can use various Cooking Stations scattered across the Starfield. Doing so will allow you to Cook food when needed and avoid the hassle of varying food in your Inventory. You can then use the food for a temporary HP boost and access various buffs.

Starfield Cooking Station locations

In Starfield, you can find Cooking Station in three places, which are explained in detail below:

The Lodge

Cooking Station can be found close to other workbenches, and you will get access to one early in the game. This one is inside Constellation’s headquarters in Starfield, New Atlantis City.

Once there, you must get inside The Lodge and take the first right to the basement. Here, you will find a Cooking Station and various workbenches.

The Frontier

Frontier is the first ship you will access in Starfield after finishing the One Small Step, which you can upgrade to house the “Workshop Module.” This will allow you to have a Cooking Station along with other Workbenches.


Starfield allows you to build an outpost anywhere in the United Colonies. These outposts can also be modified to house a Cooking Station, which you can use to cook food.


How to use the Cooking Station

To use a Cooking Station in Starfield, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Unlock Food and Drink Research Projects inside one of the Research Labs.
  • Once you have unlocked a specific recipe, you must gather the ingredients to make the food.
  • Return to the Cooking Station and interact with it by pressing the “A Button” or “E Key” on the console.
  • You will find yourself inside the menu, where you will find various recipes that you can cook.
  • Choose the recipe for which you gathered the ingredients.
  • Press “A Button” or “E Key” inside the console again to cook the chosen recipe in Starfield.

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