How To Cook Food In Starfield

Consuming food has various benefits that players can avail while playing Starfield.

To survive in the harsh climate of Starfield, you need to learn the skill of cooking food. Food is the item that players can consume to get an “HP boost” as well as a “boost in stats.” Aside from cooking, there are other ways that you can use to fill the need for food.

This involves the hassle of carrying it in your Inventory. It would be best if you were constantly worried about the weight of your list. The best way is to cook food when needed inside one of the Cooking Stations that Starfield offers.

Where to Cook Food in Starfield

In Starfield, there are several locations that you can use for cooking, and all of them are listed below:

Cooking Station in Lodge

There is a fully equipped Cooking Station in the “Basement of the Lodge” that you can use to cook food, but you first need to unlock it. For that, you need to start and finish the “One Small Step” quest. After opening it, you can use it to cook any of your favorite foods.

There is a possibility that you will not get access to the Starfield Cooking Station at Lodge. This will happen if you are not on good terms with Constellation. The reason why is that The Cooking Station is located in the Constellation headquarters.

Ship Modules on your Ship

If you do not have access to the Cooking Station, there is another option that you can utilize to cook food. For that, you need a “Workshop Module” in your ship.


Doing this will allow you to access different workbenches, which will be the same as you would find inside the Lodge. Within this, you will also find a Cooking Station which you can use to cook food in Starfield.

Construct a Cooking Station in Your Outpost

If you can access building resources such as Tungsten and Polymer, you can build a separate cooking station. But first, you must build the Output after choosing a location in Starfield. Once you have built yourself a Cooking Station, you can use it to cook any food of your liking.

How to Cook in Starfield

To start cooking food in Starfield, you must unlock the “Gastronomy Skill.” You must first choose “chef” from the social background to do this.

Gastronomy is one of the Starting skills of a chef background, and as you progress in this background, you will be able to unlock it. As you progress in this skill, you will increase your skills as a chef, which are explained in detail below:

  • Gastronomy Level 1 – “Craft specialty food and drink. Earn more Research recipes at the Research Lab.”
  • Gastronomy Level 2 – “Research and craft gourmet food and drink.”
  • Gastronomy Level 3 – “Research and craft delicacies.”
  • Gastronomy Level 4 – “Research and craft exotic recipes. Crafting food and drink uses less resources.”

After unlocking the Gastronomy skill in Starfield, you need to find ingredients for the recipe you want. Once you have all the ingredients in your inventory, you can head to the Cooking Station and interact with it to start cooking in Starfield.

How to unlock new recipes in Starfield

You can use different methods to unlock new recipes in Starfield, including the Research lab and Kid Stuff Trait.

Using Research Laboratory

In Starfield, you will get the chance to unlock new recipes by researching them. You can access your first Research Lab to develop new recipes during the early game phase.

Before you can unlock new recipes, you must progress to the 4th level of food research. These first three levels are “Old Earth Cuisine,” “Beverage Development,” and “Mixology.

After that, you can unlock a recipe every time you increase the food level. Once unlocked, The recipes can be used at any of the nearest Cooking stations in Starfield to cook the food. While completing the food research project, you will need to find several items you can reuse as an ingredient once you cook the recipe.

Using Kid Stuff Trait

The second method you can use to unlock new recipes in Starfield is with the help of a trait called “Kid Stuff.” You have to choose this trait at the beginning of the game. Once this is done, you must go to the “Residential District” in New Atlantis.

After getting there, head inside your parent’s house and begin a conversation with your dad. During this, your dad will tell you about a recipe that involves “Meatloaf,” which he learned from his father. After that, you will unlock this recipe, which you can use for cooking in Starfield.

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