Starfield Commercial Passenger Transport Liner Guide 

The Commercial Passenger Transport Liner is one of many random encounters in Starfield. In this one, a ship will warn of hostiles around.

The Commercial Passenger Transport Liner encounter is a random encounter in Starfield. A ship will approach you and warn of you hostiles in the system. After this, it will leave. For many players, this can be perplexing as to what just happened and what do they do now.

Bethesda put this as one of many encounters in the game to make it more lively. There is no deep lore behind it, just someone being nice to you.

How to Get Commercial Passenger Transport Liner in Starfield? 

The Commercial Passenger Transport Liner encounter does not occur at a fixed time in the game. Each player gets this encounter at a random time and place after progressing up to some extent in the game. 

You will witness a spaceship near your ship’s range when the right time arrives. After the initial hailing procedure, the ship’s captain will alert you about the presence of hostiles. This will always be the same star system as you are in.

After that, the starship flies off without further information or details, leaving you in awe and wonder about several things.

Starfield Commercial Passenger Transport Liner Rewards 

There are no direct rewards for completing the Commercial Transport Liner encounter. However, we can consider the alert message from the spaceship a decent reward for us. We can prepare for the upcoming threat properly and have an upper hand in possible combat. 


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