Starfield’s Chronomark Smartwatch Trademarked, Announcement Inbound

Starfield's pricey LPV6 Chronomark smartwatch has been trademarked, suggesting that pre-orders could be opening soon.

Starfield will reportedly receive a pricey collector’s edition that includes a smartwatch called the LPV6 Chronomark. That limited edition collectible has now been trademarked, suggesting that pre-orders could be opening soon.

The trademark was filed by parent company ZeniMax Media last week under the categories of “metal key chains, watches and jewelry, clocks, and leather key chains”. While publishers do not often trademark collectibles, Chronomark will be appearing in Starfield as one of the many in-game companies players will be interacting with. Securing rights to the name was hence necessary.

Trademarks are usually filed near release. Starfield will not be released until the coming holiday season, which makes it likely that developer Bethesda Game Studios is preparing to not only officially announce the collector’s edition but also start taking pre-orders in the coming months.

The fancy Starfield collector’s edition was revealed through a leaked manual earlier in the year. The bundled LPV6 Chronomark smartwatch will apparently offer a range of features; including a pedometer, barometer, flashlight, weather details, sunset and moon sightings, and such. The gadget will also be able to connect to a smartphone through a Bluetooth connection to display notifications.

The Chronomark smartwatch is a product of The Wand Company that has a history of working with Bethesda Softworks. It is responsible for creating a number of collectible items for the Fallout franchise in the past; including a self-assembly Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI construction kit along with accessory upgrades and an accurate die-cast replica model of a Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck.

Starfield is set to release for Xbox Series consoles and PC on November 11, 2022.

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