How To Craft Chems In Starfield

Just like mods in Starfield, you can craft Chems to get useful temporary buffs that can help you in different situations.

Chems are medical drugs in Starfield that you can craft, giving you specific buffs and enhancing your ability for a limited time. The effect caused by consuming Chems can restore your health and increase your performance.

You can find many chems in Starfield by searching crates and looting bodies. But, this essential item can quickly run out, and you need a decent stock of them to use whenever necessary. To do that, you can craft chems by yourself. Also, the crafted chems are often better than those in loot or boxes.

In this guide, I will talk about crafting chems in Starfield and their different recipes.

How to create Chems in Starfield

Crafting chems requires The Pharmaceutical Lab, the chem recipe you want to make, and resources for crafting those chems. You can find many pharmaceutical labs in the game, but the most early and easily accessible pharmaceutical lab is in your basement lodge in New Atlantis.

After you access it, interact with the pharmaceutical lab, which will open a crafting screen. There, you can see all the recipes available for crafting. Select and craft the available Chem recipe in Starfield, assuming you have the required resources.

Initially, you will only have a few chem recipes. However, taking on Pharmacology projects in Research Stations can unlock more.


All Chems and their recipes

Starfield has the following chem recipes, which require specific resources and offer different enhancements:


Antibiotic chem is used to treat infections. They require 1x Membrane and 1x Antimicrobial for crafting.


These are used to cover bruises and wounds. They require 1x Membrane and 1x Antimicrobial for crafting.

Heal Paste

Heal paste helps you get rid of the Frostbite in Starfield. You will need 1x Membrane and 1x Analgesic for its crafting.


It supports and treats fractured and broken bones and torn muscles. You will need 1x Structural and 1x Sealant for its recipe.


This chem is used for many internal body injuries, including the Lung Disease. You will need 1x Membrane and 1x Metabolic Agent for its recipe.

Penicillin X

This chem in Starfield treats infections and increases your oxygen level by +20 for 2 minutes. You will need 1x Membrane, 1x Metabolic Agent, and 2x Antimicrobial to craft it.

Snake Oil

Snake Oil is mighty as it treats your internal body diseases and infections. The Snake Oil also increases your oxygen level by +20 for 2 minutes. This chem requires 1x Chlorine, 2x Metabolic Agent, and 1x Sedative.

Other Chems

Aside from the chems mentioned above, there are some other Chems too, which you can get in Starfield. These are Amp, Red Trench, Anti Biotic Paste, and Infused Bandages.

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