How To Change Your Appearance In Starfield

Are you Bored of your character's appearance in Starfield and want a new Look?

One of the best things about Starfield is that it allows you to change your character’s appearance. This is a handy feature if you have spent countless hours creating a character and are still unsatisfied with its looks. However, this change has a downside, as you will only have the option to change the appearance while keeping the traits you selected at the start of the game.

Similarly, you won’t be able to change your skill points either. If you have changed your mind about your character’s appearance in Starfield, then I will guide you through that process in this guide.

How to change your character appearance in Starfield

First off, you can change your character’s appearance at any time, even after starting the game and progressing onwards with your playthrough. However, to make this change, you must visit a particular place called New Atlantis in Starfield.

Travel to New Atlantis

Go to your map and head to the Alpha Centauri system to get to this place. Once you are there, click on the Jemison option in Starfield. This way, you will get a more significant visual representation of the planet, so you must proceed by clicking on the New Atlantis icon next.

If you have unlocked any fast travel points, you can click on those and reach this location with relative ease. The New Atlantis will be a spaceport you can open at the beginning of the game, so it shouldn’t be too hard to reach in Starfield.

Get to the Commercial District

After landing on the marker, you can run straight toward the courtyard. Keep going until you manage to reach the New Atlantis Transit in Starfield.


This way you will reach the train which you need to board. In the options, select the one that says Commercial District, and after confirming that option, you will be transported to that area.

Once you get there, you can exit the station and face the VALBERG building in Starfield. If you look underneath the letters, you will find a pattern of blue and white lights. Towards the right side, you will also notice a red and white pillar with the letter’s NNSS. Make your way past it and continue moving forward.

Find the shop Enhance

Then, you will need to avoid the first opening on your left and take the second one, which will have a poster of a face. You can go inside and meet with the NPC vendor Enhance! Go inside and meet with the NPC character, who, in my case, was Warner.

After interacting with him, you can pay 500 Credits to use his services to change your appearance in Starfield. By selecting this option, you can change not only the appearance of your character but your name, too.

Moreover, you will also have the option to change your character’s Gender, Skin tone, Head shapes, Hair, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth, Teeth, Jaw, Chin, etc. as well. Once you are done with the changes, you can save them.

As mentioned earlier, your skill points and traits will remain permanent, and you cannot change them during this appearance change process.

Lastly, remember that these Enhance Shops aren’t just included in New Atlantis, as you will also come across others. These can be found in most major cities, such as Paradiso.

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