Where To Buy Ship Parts In Starfield?

You will need to know how to acquire Ship Parts in Starfield. There are a number of ways of do so.

In Starfield, you are bound to damage your ship by colliding with an asteroid or during a space battle. It does not matter how great you are at flying a ship; you will need a ship part at some point. Apart from repairing your ship, ship parts also let you customize your ship according to your needs and become the spacefarer of your dreams.   

How to buy ship parts in Starfield?

Having ship parts is a vital resource because it helps your ship to be in working condition so you do not face ship failure. There are multiple ways to get ship parts. The foremost way is to destroy enemy ships and loot them.  

If you survive in a space battle, you can loot the ship you destroyed. Ships drop cargo holds after being destroyed. When that happens, fly near the cargo hold and loot the ship parts. It is the cheapest, if not the easiest, but you will have to win a battle.  

Another way is to enter an ongoing space battle and save other pilots. While exploring, you will often see a pirate attack. You can get some ship parts as a reward if you rescue pilots from attacks. You can ask them about the ship parts you need, and often they will offer you the required ship parts.  

Another is to get ship parts from vendors. But these are not free; you must pay the credits to avail yourself of the parts. Each part costs 1225, so gather some credits before heading to the buyer.  

The quickest way to check whether the vendor has your ship parts in Starfield is by going to the Aid category. You can then filter them according to weight. Since ship parts weigh more, they will pop up on the top. Do not buy several ship parts because you will need a larger cargo hold to store them. 


Below are the main locations to find the ship parts: 

Jemison Mercantile 

Head to the New Atlantis city in Jemison Planet (Alpa Centauri System), and you will find the store in Spaceport. 

UC Distribution Center 

Head to the New Atlantis city in Jemison Planet (Alpa Centauri System) and find the UC Distribution Center in the Commercial District. 

Shepherd’s General Store 

Head to the Akila City in Akila Planet (Cheyenne System). 

UC Exchange 

Head the UC Exchange shop in the low Level 1 of Cydonia on Mars Planet (Sol Sector). 

Sieghart’s Outfitters 

Head to the Neon Core in Volii Alpha Planet. 

Newill’s Goods 

Travel to the Neon Core in Volii Alpha Planet. 

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