Starfield Burden Of Proof Evidence Locations Guide 

The burden of proof quest will have you look for certain evidence in Starfield. This will help you bring a faction to justice.

The Search for Evidence objective is a part of the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield, in which you will have to find some evidence. It is indirectly related to a previous quest in Crimson Fleet’s questlines. In this objective, you will have to find certain evidence against the Fleet’s criminal offenses.

You will then present the evidence to United Colonies security personnel in Starfield. This way, the faction will be brought to justice and face penalties for their crimes. 

How to start the Burden of Proof mission in Starfield 

The Crimson Fleet is one of the essential factions you will come across in Starfield. This faction is involved in three main quests. One of these quests tasks you with finding evidence of this fleet’s illegal activities so that they can be brought to justice. 

When you get the objective Search Carter’s Locker while completing the Echoes of the Past quest, an unexpected mission, “Burden of Proof” starts out of nowhere in which you must find evidence in Starfield. However, this mission’s Search for Evidence task can be completed only during the Echoes of the Past quest. 

How to find Burden of Proof Evidence in Starfield 

As the objective Search Carter’s Locker unlocks while pursuing the Echoes of the Past quest in Starfield, start looking for the locker through the help of arrow signs. These signs will guide you where to head to reach the right destination. 

When you reach the locker room, open the main door and move inside. The locker will be at the starting part of the room and happens to be the second last from the left side. Open the locker to obtain the evidence, Carter’s Gig. Besides this, you will receive a heart, which improves your character’s fortitude and pain tolerance.  


The quest task will be updated after getting your hands on the evidence. The next task will appear on the screen, asking you to “Return the Evidence to Lt. Toft.” Doing so eventually completes the Burden of Proof quest. The Lieutenant usually resides at the Operations Centre of UC Vigilance. 

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