How To Block Attacks In Starfield

Blocking attacks in Starfield allows you to retaliate against enemies and in some unique instances deliver counter damage to them.

Retaliation is a key feature of combat in any RPG and Starfield is no exception. With the Starfield blocking mechanics involved, you can resist enemy attacks to some extent. Additionally, there are also some dodging tactics involved which can be used in conjunction with the block attacks tactic to help the player gain an upper hand against the opponent as well in Starfield.

How to block attacks in Starfield

The blocking tactics can be fruitful in combat but in Starfield they come with a condition involving the specific weapon type equipped. Jumping into combat with any other weapon type except the Melee wipes out the chance of using the blocking tactics completely.

Once you are in combat with the said weapon type, you can block the incoming enemy attacks using the Left Trigger (LT) button on the controller. If you are a PC player, just press the right-click button on your mouse.

Blocking the enemy attack not only saves you from taking damage but also provides an upper hand to initiate a counterattack. Having a high poise while blocking can help in off-balancing the enemy as well.

With this all, blocking incoming attacks in Starfield also helps you avoid bullets to some extent, but it happens rarely. Investing 4 skill points in the Martial Arts Skill will allow you to provide 50% damage back to the opponents upon a successful Melee block.

Dodging attacks in Starfield

Unlike the blocking mechanic, dodging attacks in Starfield doesn’t require the use of a specific button. It involves using Boost Packs which help the player to rise in the air while being able to move.


To initiate such a dodge in Starfield with the boost pack, first, you need to make your character jump. Once he is in the air, you need to activate the boost to keep your character mid-air. With this technique, you can avoid incoming attacks by the opponent.

Another tactic, known as the Combat Slide, can also be used in dodging. This can be activated using the gymnastic skills from the skill tree. It can save you from the incoming attack to some extent. However, it is not a reliable dodging tactic in Starfield compared to the Boost Pack jump.

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