Starfield Blast Zone Walkthrough

Help out a land owner clear out rocks and boulders from his stretch of land in Starfield's Blast Zone side mission.

A landowner in Akila City wants you to help him get rid of some rocks coming between him and his property in the Blast Zone side quest in Starfield.

The quest essentially requires you to take up a laser cutter and remove the boulders from the walls and the ground while getting paid.

You also get to keep the minerals that come off from the boulders which you can sell for a tidy profit.

How to unlock the Blast Zone mission

Make your way to Akila City in the Cheyenne System of Starfield and speak with Ngodup Tate to start the Blast Zone mission. You can find him standing in an open courtyard at the back of the city.

Turn down his offer to buy a house and Tate will offer you a job based on your mining expertise. He may have heard about your rescue mission in Left Behind where you find a missing colonist inside a cave.

Accept the job to begin Blast Zone in Starfield.

How to complete Blast Zone in Starfield

Tate wants you to clear out some hard rock and boulders on his land. Your HUD will be updated to show six locations where you need to go and remove the rocks.

There are two ways to remove and destroy these rocks. You can, firstly, use a laser cutter. If you do not have a laser cutter in your inventory, you can buy one from a shop that sells general goods.

You can also use explosives to blast the rocks. However, we do not recommend this option. Blasting rocks may hit nearby NPCs that will get a bounty on your head.

Once you’re done with the boulders, return to Mr. Tate to get compensated for your work.

Starfield – Blast Zone bugs and fixes

Blast Zone is an incredibly short and simple side mission but can most often be bugged for players.

Mission bug 1:
The first problem arises when you go ahead and speak with Mr. Tate to begin the Blast Zone mission. The prompt where he asks for our help may not show up.

The solution for that is to keep on speaking with him until he asks for our help. If that doesn’t work for you fast travel to another location and then come back and try again.

Mission bug 2:
The second problem is the most common one among the players which involves the rocks and boulders that do not spawn while the Blast Zone quest is active.

The only logical solution that players have found and is recommended by us is to travel to Venus and wait there for a period of 24 hours in-game time and return back to the mining site where the boulders will have spawned.

Starfield – Blast Zone mission rewards

Helping out Tate will earn you 55 XP and 3300 Credits. You will also get the Blast Cutter.

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