Are There Black Holes In Starfield?

Black holes are mysterious stellar phenomenon that pull everything around them, towards them. Gamers have been wondering if you can find one in Starfield, but the answer is a bit complicated.

Starfield offers unparalleled space exploration, allowing you to visit thousands of unique planets and biomes. It is the next best thing for making the dream of truly unbound space exploration a reality, except becoming an astronaut yourself. In Starfield, you can observe many space phenomena, but the question is can you go and see Black Holes?

Black holes are space areas with such strong gravity that even light and electromagnetic waves cannot escape them. Very little can exist around them, and everything that does is pulled into them. Realistically, we can only observe them from afar, but games like Starfield allow us the opportunity to visit them possibly.

Can you find Black Holes in Starfield?

Unfortunately, Black Holes do not exist in Starfield. Despite the depth of the RPG systems and the thousands of explorable planets, Black Holes do not appear in this game. One reason for this is the nature of Black Holes themselves. If there were black holes that you visited in the game, your ship would likely be pulled and disintegrated. Moreover, we know very little about Black Holes themselves.

So, realistically, it will be pretty hard to emulate them in a video game. This does not mean they would not be added in the future. Some of the best Bethesda stories have been expanded through their DLCs. Starfield currently has one DLC expansion confirmed titled “Shattered Space”. Given the name of this expansion, we cannot dismiss the possibility of Bethesda adding Black Holes in the game that you can visit.

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