How To Get Ashta Tamer In Starfield

Ashta Tamer is a unique ballistic weapon in Starfield that gives you an upper edge in long range combat and against armored enemies.

Ashta Tamer is a unique weapon in Starfield that can only be obtained as loot from a treasure box. It belongs to the Ballistic weapon class. It is crafted by Laredo weapon manufacturers and carries its unique metallic appearance. One of the best features of Ashta Tamer is that it can be used for both short and long-range combat.

In this guide, we will look at the features of Ashta Tamer and how you can obtain it in Starfield. You will encounter this weapon during a mission, so we recommend that you use manual save before attempting the quest to avoid missing Ashta Tamer. Before we proceed, we like to let you know that Ashta Tamer is a modified version of Bridger.

Starfield Ashta Tamer location

The only way to find Ashta Tamer is to find and open a weapon case on planet Akila during The Empty Nest main quest in Starfield. While exploring the tunnels during the quest, you will come across a yellow weapon box that is very hard to miss.

There are no special requirements to open the box like lock pick. Simply interact with the weapon case and collect one of the most overpowered guns in Starfield, Ashta Tamer.


Ashta Tamer is one of the best ballistic weapons in Starfield when it comes to long-range combat. Despite its bulky appearance, you can easily carry around Ashta Tamer to engage higher-level and armored enemies with ease. Following are Ashta Tamer’s stats in the game. 

  • Manufacturer: Laredo 
  • Type: Ranged 
  • Class: Ballistic Heavy Weapon 
  • Ammo Type: 40mm XPL 
  • Item ID: 31FCBF 
  • Clip Size: 4 
  • BPS: 5 
  • Range: 40m 
  • Weight: 5kg 
  • Sale Value: 15,500 credits 
  • Accuracy: 63% 
  • Mods Slots: 6 

Ashta Tamer comes equipped with two mods in the game, Incendiary and Tactical Stock. You can install more mods to increase its firepower or cooling time to make Ashta Tamer even better.


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