How To Get Ambassador In Starfield

The Ambassador is a unique pistol in Starfield and a variant of the Regulator, making it one of the deadliest revolvers in the game.

Ambassador is a unique pistol in Starfield that is arguably one of the best ones in the game. However, since it is unique, there is only one way to get the Ambassador in Starfield and that is as a “gift” during a quest. So how are you supposed to get the Starfield Ambassador pistol and what makes it special? Let us enlighten you.

Starfield Ambassador location

Since Ambassador is a unique pistol, as we mentioned before there is only one way to get it in the game. To find Ambassador in Starfield, you will need to complete the Friends Like These quest. The unique pistol is given to you as a gift by Ambassador Radcliff. However, you need to make certain dialogue choices as the Ambassador is not a reward for the quest and needs to be gained through another method.

Friends Like These is part of the UC Vanguard questline and you have to retrieve a Freestar Collective Archival Code from Ambassador Radcliff. While talking to Ambassador Radcliff, instead of trying to persuade her to give you the key, tell her that you will “Figure out another way”.

Starfield Ambassador location

Now you speak to the Freestar Embassy staffer, Cameron Long, in the room behind you and try to get the access key from him. Now when presented with a list of dialogue options, choose the option to lie to him about a new job. This will make him take you to a private spot and now you are to ask him for access to the Ambassador’s living quarters in return for your offer.

Proceed through the quest till you meet Ambassador Radcliff again. Now you will have the option to blackmail Radcliff in Starfield to get Ambassador pistol from her. During the confrontation, select “You call that a negotiation? Without even offering me a gift?”

Once you select the right dialogue, you will get Radcliff’s unique personal pistol, the Ambassador in Starfield.


Ambassador unique pistol stats

  • Type: Ranged
  • Class: Ballistic Weapon 
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 53
  • Ammo Type: .43 Ultramag
  • BPS/FR: 109
  • Range: 28m
  • Weight: 2.40 kg
  • Value: 18911 
  • Mod Slots: 7
  • Accuracy: 78%

As you can see, the Ambassador is a revolver and one of the best ballistic guns in Starfield. It comes pre-equipped with Binary Trigger, High Powered, Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake, Penetrator Rounds, and Reflex Sight mods. Since Ambassador is a unique variant of the Regulator, you can swamp out these mods for any other that can be equipped on the Regulator.

What makes the Ambassador such a great pistol to find in Starfield however is its unique perk. The Shattering unique perk effect on Ambassador negates enemy armor and deals massive damage to even highly armored enemies.

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