Starfield All Akila City Side Missions Guide

If you are running errands for the Freestar Collective, you can also complete all the Akila City side missions of Starfield.

Your faction missions are eventually going to lead you into the Cheyenne Star System where you will come across the highly advanced Akila City and all of its side missions in Starfield.

Akila City is one of the four main player hubs in Starfield and the starting point of the entire Freestar Collective questline. The people here like to live to the fullest with no segregation of any sort and believe in the power of self-individuality and freedom.

That self-power is why many of them are going to ask you for help. You can reap a lot of useful rewards by hearing their call and completing all Akila City side missions in Starfield.

It is recommended to explore the different locations in Akila City where you’ll find side quests with a bunch of unusual demands testing your persuasion skills as well as integrity in Starfield.

All Akila City side missions in Starfield and how to start them

Akila City has fewer side missions to complete in Starfield compared to the other main cities like New Atlantis and Neon City. They are still, however, an excellent source of farming more credits and gaining XP.

You are going to be running errands for the Freestar Collective faction anyway. Use that as an opportunity to complete all Akila City side missions in Starfield for a 100 percent completion playthrough.


Beer Run

A clash of disagreements emerges when a person from the family wants to solve world hunger whereas the other wants to pursue the family business of brewing in the Beer Run side quest in Starfield.

This is a decision-oriented side quest where any decision you make will have an impact on your rewards.

Blast Zone

Express your mining skills in front of a landowner of Akila City in the Blast Zone side quest in Starfield. Help the landowner get rid of some boulders interfering with his property and get paid while you’re at it.

Charity of the Wolf

Akila Wolf a social worker wants your help in collecting donations for the less fortunate of Akila City in the Charity of the Wolf side quest in Starfield.

The side mission is a laid-back and cheerful mission where you go around the City and collect donations for the people so that they can have a meal and a bed to sleep in at night.

Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament will ask you to carry out Sarah, a local farm worker’s last wishes by finding her will from the burnt-down farm in Akila City and returning it to the person who is the rightful successor of it

This is a miscellaneous side quest and different from all the Akila City Missions as its quite short and rewards you handsomely for your work.

Power from Beyond

Power from Beyond is a continuous side quest that you’ll experience on different planets in Starfield that provide you with a number of Powers at your disposal.

There are 24 Powers In total and one of them can be found in Akila City.  As you land in Akila City use your hand scanner to find an abandoned temple where the Gravity Wave power is held.

The Great Laredo Caper

Help Annie and Emily catch the thief who has been looting Laredo Arms, a local weapon shop in Akila City, at midnight in Starfield.

The thief wants to make a name for himself. Stop him, and get paid for your troubles in the Great Laredo Caper side quest.

Defensive Measures

Settle a debate between two officers in Akila City who wish to protect the City with their own defensive measures. One wants to upgrade the security systems and the other likes the old ways of protection.

Sort the argument and get paid in the Defensive Measures side quest in Starfield.

False Positives

False Positives is the continuation of the Defensive Measures side quest in Akila City. The new security systems Keoni put up aren’t showing the correct data. Investigate the systems and find the culprit behind them.

Leader of the Pack

This is the last side quest in the questline of the Defensive Measures quest where Davis has sensed a great threat headed towards Akila City. Help Davis get rid of the threat in the Leader of the Pack side quest in Starfield.

Rough Landings

Marco, a survivor of the Shaw Gangs’s attack was once a savior of the GalBank in Starfield however now due to reasons unknown his family is suffering from starvation, and no one to help them.

Aid Marco in Rough Landings side quest in Starfield and get paid for your troubles.

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